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Unoa - Alchemic Labo Preorders open with Crescent SHOP!

Sep 9, 2004

    1. Alright! I am so happy for everyone! I knew that Masamichi-san will come through! I knew he wouldn't let anyone down! :D
    2. I CAN NOT WAIT! I am SO getting a Lusis!!!!!!!!


      She will complete my collection. HOW EXCITING!

      /dances around
    3. can i piggy back on someones order for an optional brown unoa wig and the high heel parts? thats all i really want ^_^ of course i'll pay for it up front once Masimichi starts taking orders (and we get prices n stuff)
    4. If anyone can help out, great!
      - what is a good 'bid' for a unoa doll (enough to win one)?
      - should I do a seperate order for the tail and ears?

      aka mockingbird
    5. *_* YAY! I've been waiting for a Unoa ever since I saw them for the first time.. I just really hope that I can get one this time!! Thanks for the info! :D
    6. here's a p.s. I couldn't figure out how much the tail/ears were... could someone let me know?

      OH! and are they doing a new body for unoa? in the 'diary' section they have a sist with a different face mold and luisis with a little more of a bottom!

      something about unoaquluts 'light'?

      anyone know?
    7. Are you sure those aren't his "little" dolls that were previewed several months ago? They are smaller versions of his Unoa dolls, and they look JUST like them, with some differences. The joints look really off from a Unoa is why I'm asking. I don't know, since I can't read Japanese. :?
    8. This is slightly off topic, but does anyone know how tall the Littles are??
      and how we can get them??

      Thanks ^^
    9. The white cat ears & tail and the beige ears and tail are 1500yen a set, but the pink ears & tail come with a matching wig, so that set is 3000yen.

      As far as the photos in the diary go, those are 1/6th scale Unoas that were made for some show or event and there isn't any kind of news as to whether they will be released to the general public yet or not.
    10. They are 1/6 scale at about 9 inches (23 - 24cm), according to the diary entry, which I think is kinda small. One would think that they would be at least 11 inches (28cm).
      And I wish that we could get them, but there is no info about future plans regarding any kind of sales at this time...
    11. erm... what do you mean "bid"? These aren't on auction. :) they are preorder, so you just pay the default base price. ^_^ and you should order everything you want altogether (ie, doll + tail and ears, etc, if you want them)

    12. You are talking about Yahoo Japan, right?
      Right now prices on painted Unoas are high there, cause of all the hype about the release of wave 3 at Alchemic Labo and the lack of pained dolls offered, there, thus far.
      A nicely painted doll on YJ painted by either Genterou-sensei or by a good artist has sold for around 85000yen, but I have seen unique custom painted ones go for almost double that.
      So, my opinion is that if you want to win a painted Unoa on YJ, be prepaired to bid around 100000yen at the last minute.
      Some sellers offer the cat ears and other accessories along with the doll. Most are not rare, but if you are going to order from the site, rather than bid on YJ, I suggest you just get the ones you want when you order your doll.

      But if you are talking about ordering from Alchemic through Cresent, you don't need to bid, you just place your order for the dolls and accessories (cat ears, etc.) within the alotted time frame and that's it, though the dolls are NOT assembeled or painted.

      I hope this helps, since your question was very unclear...
    13. This is probably a really stupid newbie question, :blush but how much are the U-Noas exactly? I can't read Japanese, and I'm just not smart enough to make heads or tails of their website tonight. Can anyone help?
    14. we dont know the exact price yet, but the kit (unassembled) will be about $400 ROUGHLY... (give or take)
    15. Thanks, Aimee! Now, next newbie question: how often do they have these pre-order things?

      Here's my problem: I've got nearly all the money saved up for my Elf El :love , and I'm afraid that if I don't order him as soon as the English Luts site opens, I won't be able to get him. But!- will I have another chance to get a Lusis?

      I know lots of people have her, but I also know she's hard to come by. (Your site was the first I stumbled onto when I got the BJD fever, and I fell in love with yours & started looking everywhere I could think of- with no luck! :cry: ) I haven't seen any other dolls that have a face sculpt like hers, so if this is my only chance to get her, then I guess El will have to wait...
    16. just thing of it this way.

      Elf El there are going to be 68 made FOREVER. Production OVER.

      Where as the Unoas are released about twice a year, but they make more all the time.

      I'm going for the Elf El ^_^ I just want the unoa brown wig >:O hehe
    17. Can those of you who ordered through Masamichi last time give us some kind of idea about time frames? Like, if you put in an order, do you pay instantly, or when he confirms he has the doll? And how long did it take you roughly to get the doll?
    18. I ordered Lusis through Masamichi in October of last year and received her in January, so while it seemed like forever, it was really only a two month wait. The full payment was due at the time the order was placed--hope this info helps!