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Unoa (and similar sized) shoes - links

May 29, 2007

    1. Hi, I'm trying to collect links for unoa shoes, and I'm also searching for some styles.
      I prefer shoes which are made for Unoa or minifee, so I'm sure that they'll fit...

      In the Unoa faq there are listed:
      - Angel Region http://angelsupply.com/
      - Dollheart www.dollheart.com,
      - Ajumapama http://www.ajumapamausa.com/ (specific for Unoa),
      - Minoru World http://minoruworld.net/,
      - Sharmin and GOTZ (girls silver sneakers, pink Mary Janes & red trainers).

      other sites/shops I found:
      - cheerydoll (specific for Unoa)
      - DOD
      - Luts minifee shoes
      - Magic Taylor - ebay shop
      - kingstate black pumps for cissy
      - Dollmore (for sharmin, there are also MSD shoes)
      - releaserain ebayshop (but it seems the boots aren't looking good on unoa, too large)

      ... there are a lot of other shops with MSD shoes, but I'm looking specifically for unoa shoes.
      In particular I wanted to say if cheerydoll high sneakers (the one sold also at dollmore) are made again,and if you know what type of shoes are the ones in the last photo of this auction. I'm looking for the first ones on the second row, bottom image. (the unoa wearing them is also wearing a grey skulls hoodie)

      And also, what type of boots fits unoa better? I know that most MSD boots looks well, but I'm looking for realistic ones (I've seen somewhere a pair which look like doc.marten's)

      thanks if you give me infos!
    2. These should just fit Unoa - I found them a bit short in length for Narae but a decent fit otherwise. Unoa's foot is a bit shorter than Narae's.

      Juju size 58 msd

      This is also a useful thread to look at for clothes and shoes that fit Unoa - the Narae clothes and shoes thread. Just keep in mind that if shoes are a bit long or loose on Narae, they will could be worse on Unoa.

      And I have purchased some Leekeworld MSD shoes that fit pretty nicely on Narae (actually better than the Dollhearts I got).

      And some people use the cool Sketchers-type slip on sneakers in MSD size from http://www.mimiwoo.com/ or her Ebay shop (seller mimiwoo).

    3. thanks carolyn, I have already looked at the narae (and also at the unoa) clothing thread when I made the thread.

      I'd love to know if there are UGG boots around or high converse shoes like the one dollmore has... I've got a pair of red UGG but I'd prefer a beige or a pink, and I've found that dollzone (?) has some shoes similar to dollmore ones but I don't like too much the colours... maybe I'll buy the new ajumapama ones
      they're cute but I prefer plain colours for this kind of shoes.
    4. Do you have a link to these you mention?

      "- Sharmin and GOTZ (girls silver sneakers, pink Mary Janes & red trainers)."

      I bought these bronze wedgies from DDE and they fit my Unoa perfectly. I just adore them and asked if they will get any more of this brand and size in and she said they are trying to! :)
    5. about gotz you can find something on ebay...
      I only reported what was written in a thread, I've never seen GOTZ in person.

      Oh, also teen trends shoes work, specially boots and closed shoes, but also sandals it seems (but I've only seen them on a narae)

      and about the bronze wedgies, look at castle Anne website, they have a similar pair in white.
      I hope they make a black or brown version of the ones you bought
    6. Some Dollheart MSD shoes fit, but by no means all.

      I was recommended this model, and they fit my unoa like a glove! Much better than say Minifee-shoes...

      They come in several colour combinations, and while Dollheart are sold out, JollyPlus still have them.
    7. yes I think all cissy shoes fit (there are also metallic shoes that flonne used, I don't remember but I think they were cissy too)
    8. Mimiwoo sells the shoes that the one in the skull hoodie is wearing for cheap. :)
    9. I asked Flonne on Flickr and she said they are Monique Easy to Wear 64mm -- They're really pretty!