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unoa boy problem

Mar 9, 2007

    1. i am serious aboutgetting a cuople of unoa boys, but theres one problem . . . their erect parts:o im still a minor and when i order them (which i will soon) how will i tell my parents? sorry guys i just bought a pornagraphicly correct doll or mabye exuse me while i get rid of a that little "extra piece" what if my kid sister finds it:sweat :o i dont know what to do please help
    2. If you don't want it, never put it on, just keep it in the box or sell it. You have a while to think about this anyways.

      You are going to have to put his 'normal' piece on anyways, maybe put him together when they are away. Are you buying or your parents? Hopefully they don't research everything about him before you get him.

      edit: usually a minor can't afford these dolls, hopefully you raising money for them will show your family your maturity.
    3. i am going to buy them with my own money :) i guess i could do that but getting it away before my parents see them may be tough though :/
    4. You'll have to be fast to hide it before your parents see it (it won't be impossible either). :sweat Anyway, I think it'll come wrapped in something and won't be very apparent.
      It would be ridiculous not to buy the doll, when you can and really want it, because of this funny little "thing". I know it can be embarrassing, but don't worry. ^__*
    5. mine was wrapped in many, many, many layers of bubble wrap. I didnt even unwrap it all for about a month (mostly just curiosity), then I just wrapped it back up. Not sure what use I'd have for it.

      If you are really concerned, then be honest with your parents. Tell them it will come with the optional part and that you would like them to put it somehwere safe so that your younger sibling wont find it. Explain that it needs to be kept in case you ever decide to part with your boy for the overall value of a complete set. I think they will respect your honesty and maturity. If you try to hide it and they find out, the results could be very bad.

      Parents usually know more than they are given credit for.
    6. Parents usually know more than they are given credit for.
      yeah but they sre no nothing about dolls. anyway i plan to warp it in something and put it in the VERY bottom of the garbage . . . better yet the middle thhe part where thing seem to "disappear"
    7. the boys come in parts unassembled, it won't be hard to just hide that little part. if you're buying a 2nd hand boy that has already been put together, ask the seller to tape it to the inside of his head or someplace where no one will see.

      i think the penis isn't always erect, it can be in a down position, it is just bigger than the normal one.
    8. when Opal came in the mail my my mom id not come home for like 20 minutes PLENTY oftime to hid the evidence

      i plan to put that little bugger in a hole then place a stone over top
    9. Seriously, keep the part. Not the garbage. You never know what can happen and it may seem impossible but you may need to sell the boy in the future. Without his part, you would get less for him.

      If you want to hide it from them, a 'safe' place is actally inside his body. Tape it down so it doesnt rattle, but put it in his middle section. There is room, I checked since I was looking for a safe place to keep it from getting lost.

    10. Yes, it can point either way. And it looks real, not just a small lump of resin, its shaped and realistic looking. The other option is to put it on him, in the less, um, bulky position and keep pants on him. They would never know.
    11. thanks, i will do that
    12. glue the parts on, they'll never know it moves....jk....just keep you boy clothed XD
    13. Aaa! Nooo!! Don't throw out his Big Weapon! ;; It's so special. Even if you never resell him, it's still so special.

      Just tell your folks. Or warn them, at least. If you're still a minor, they've still got some interest in what you bring into the house. Parents DO always seem to find out, anyway.

      Your little sib shouldn't be pulling apart your doll's headcap, pulling down his pants, or peeking inside his waist-joint anyway-- so if you tape the Big Weapon inside him somewhere, that should be safe. (Great storage-idea for option parts, btw! ::tips hat to Selmada:: )
    14. okay, it's hard not to laugh at some of these replies, we are talking about handing this 'part' to your parents for safe keeping and smuggling the 'part' inside a body.. boy has something not on his mind but in.. oooo ><

      if you place the larger part on, then you need to be careful about the even smaller part, and yes, like it's been said, heaven forbid you want to sell, but it's easier to sell and more people wish for a complete unoa boy with all parts included. And this may sound strange, but it really makes unoa boys unique.

      The part will be in a bag, also, even the smaller part can be made to go erect, like it's seen on a Dollybird page. My boy's larger part has been in a bag put away since I got him, no one has been rumaging through my stuff, but I don't place it on the table etc. for it to be noticed.

      I wouldn't feel comfortable always knowing my boy's larger part is taped inside of him.. maybe I'm just weird. I'd take him to a meet and someone would grab him and the tape would give way and the person would be like "Oh nos, what's that rattling inside your boy!?"
      Me: "Oh me, Oh my, it's his *blank*!"
    15. I can picture this - oh, has me laughing out loud at the office. Not a good thing!
    16. my parents already know most doll are atotamically correct just not erect i'll hide in my girls head. . .they will NEVER think of looking there!
    17. Really, it's not that big a deal. Just a little resin stump. :P If my parents knew Unoa boy dolls had that, they'd just laugh their asses off!

      It sounds more like you're uncomfortable with the idea that your doll will have one, which is understandable, but theres nothing morally wrong with these dolls being anatomically correct. You have nothing to worry about, they're not 'pornographical', thought Araki seems to have a little bit of a perverted sense of humor when it comes to his dolls, hehe! :daisy
    18. im actally more worried what my dad will say . . .he thinks the word "boobs" should not be said
      as for how i feel im intrested that someone would make a doll like that
      prays :eusa_pray for unoa pregnat belly
      erect boy part + orgasm face =true love
    19. Now I have this horrible little skit in my head, you take off her faceplate, and TADA! look what Lusis has on her mind! maybe don't get any optional faceplates then ><

      as for pregnant belly, would have to be a single torso part, just stuff her shirt.
      If I did that to my Lusis, she'd look more like 'Shoplifter Unoa' than 'Pregnant Unoa'

      Selmada: sorry, lol. Hope you are having a good time at work! ;)
    20. Hmmm. It's not the parts themselves that are pornographic -- the only thing that can make them "pornographic" is the mind of the viewer, right?

      I laughed myself silly when I saw the "optional part," but I'm an adult. It's in a little plastic case in his box, because it's very difficult to fit trousers to him if it's in place.

      I had to laugh when I read about putting the "optional part" into one of the girl heads, because that gave me what might definitely be called "pornographic" ideas. <smirk>