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Apr 10, 2005

    1. I just found out UNOA-Quluts will be sold using a lottery system. Application is accepted between 4.21-4.24. The winner will be drawed the day after. The doll will be ready in the mid of May.

      For more information:
    2. But is it open to international customers?
      Since you could only order Unoas through a shopping service
    3. It looks like the lottery only applies to the two boys. I wonder when the next preorder for the girls will be.

      More important, I wonder if the next preorder for the girls will be done by lottery, as well? The thought of that is troubling to say the least, but he is under a heavy workload, so it's a distinct possibility...

    4. There's a little asterisk midway down the page, and if you click on it, it takes you to a page that says in red at the bottom:

      *unfortunately and alcemiclabo.com is unable to deliver international orders in any capacity right now.
      (Payment only -> http: //www.yu-cho.japanpost.jp/e_s0000000/ssk10211.htm)
      *We only accept Unoa orders for Japan resident and the shipping address has to be in Japan.
      *If possible and please write your e-mail in Japanese.
      *If your e-mail is in English please try to use easy words and make it short & simple,
      So that I will be able to understand.

      So unfortunately I don't think this lottery is open to anyone outside of Japan, and I don't even know how Masamichi would be able to handle "lottery draw" types oforders.

      Poo! :(
    5. that sucks.. so much of my chances for an unoa boy XD
    6. Is this only open to previous customers?
    7. this is for Unoa boys, ONLY. it is a lottery, and for japanese residents only.

      Masamichi (Crescent Shop) is NOT taking orders at this time for this lottery,... however he says:

      "Alchemic Labo and Crescent agreed each other that Crescent is taking pre-orders for Unoa boys for overseas clients when they are ready for regular sales. "

      (So please don't email him about this, as we don't know when they will be taking regular sales yet, and we don't want to overwhelm Masamichi)
      However this is good news at it sounds like that probably, eventually we WILL be able to order Unoa Boys through Crescent Shop! :)
    8. ohh!! <3 yay ! ^_^ that gives me hope again- thanks aimee!
    9. thank god!
      I was going to DIE if they were only selling them for this one lottery.
      -refrains from heart-attack-
    10. Well this is good news ..... in a way.
      I am not so good at waiting and seeing all the lottery won boys on YJ will be both torture and fun seeing the different face ups , etc.
      So I save-on our day is near ( sure hope its this year! and of course the sooner the better)