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Unoa Boys ORDER April 26th - Crescent Shop

Apr 23, 2005

    1. Kyaa! Anyone know how much they'll be?
    2. No idea, as Aimee mentioned, price and other purchasing info will be available for overseas customers on April 26th.
    3. ahh! so excited XD

      now to find the monneey
    4. NOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOO *DIES* what an incredibly inconvenient time... what the heck.. how can i say no *Starts saving*
    5. Gyahh! That one with the silver hair is so gorgeous, and I'm looking to buy another doll now. >.<

      Thanks for the heads up!
    6. how long is the preorder period usually?
    7. Hm. So pretty! I think I like Narin better, though. :oops: Any idea how much they'll be?
    8. Will he be taking order for Lusis and Sist too ?
    9. Crescent shop hasn't mentioned it yet under *What's new*
      I've emailed before about Unoas and was told that will have to wait for announcements, since they wouldn't know when the preorder dates are set.
      Keep checking their website or here on DOA, since someone always posts when they're available.
    10. There's no Unoa girl preorder yet, it would be best just not to ask him about it, I'm sure he'll announce them when they come up again, but my guess is not for a while since AL is a small company, and they'll be focusing on filling these boy orders.

      My guess is that the boys will be about the same price as the Unoa girls, which were around $465 for an unassembled kit, not including shipping and fees. But we don't know yet. :)
    11. Will the Unoa boys come painted or will these be sold as unassembled kits only?

    12. we dont know for sure yet, but most likely they will be unpainted unassembled kits.

      Just a reminder, for people not to email Masamichi (Crescent Shop) about this, as when he has information, he'll post it. No need to inundate him ^_^
    13. gosh that one on the left is SOOOO PRETTTYYYY... wowwwwwwwwwww
    14. Thanks for the update Aimee! I'm sure we all appreciate it! I know I do! :grin:
    15. Is this Crescent shop order different from the current lottery that is going on? Or is it for the lottery? According to the site the lottery is only for returning customers and there have been only 30 dolls produced and people entering the lottery must chose either B-el or L-be. Winners will be notified on Monday.
    16. No, the Crescent Shop preorder is totally separate from the lottery.
    17. It seems like almost everybody like B-el (one with silver hair)
      but I really like the other one, L-bi???
      It's true that B-el looks more wild ^^ and cool than L-bi
      but I guess I'm nerdy kinda girl. :wiggle
      is it just me???
    18. actually i was hoping to get L-bi XDD but alas, the funds are insufficient. I can hope that they will have another preorder later this year or next year :P
    19. I love L-bi. I admit, I noticed B-el first, but then I noticed everyone gravitating to B-el and nobody peeping up about L-bi and became an L-bi fan almost on principle...then, I looked some more at his cute face...and this marvelous backstory arrived in my mind and I saw how he was always saving B-el's bacon...and doing his homework for him.


      L-bi is a total sweetie.