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Unoa - difference between 1.0 and 1.5??

Jul 27, 2006

    1. Ok, I need to know what the difference between 1.0 and 1.5 is in a Unoa. Also, how can I distinguish between the two in a YJ auction if they don't mention it (does the colour of the box help maybe???)

      Can someone post a side by side pic for me of a 1.0 and a 1.5 or point me in the right direction?

      Also excuse the stupidity but what does FCS stand for? *something* customer service????? or *something* custom shopper

      And finally, is it just me or are there more Sist and Lusis kits on YJ at the moment?? Does this mean people are selling because the new 2.0 dolls are being released??

      So confused. I just want a Sist!!

    2. the 1.5 girls have a slightly different skin tone, but you probably wouldn't be able to tell in an auction. they have double jointed elbows and an extra torso bit. here is a website with some scans that can help you see these things.
      the auction will probably say "1.5" i doubt they would write it out in kanji.

      fcs stands for full choice system, but that is from the volks company and has nothing to do with unoa.

      i don't think the 2.0 have really come out yet, at least not for sale to the general public (possible at dollpa, i'm not sure).

    3. :daisy there is already a thread around her somewere:daisy

      you coult try the search function ...although it never works for me LOL

      in fact it , I can tfind it now .
      But I posted photos of my 1 and Jackies 1.5

      apart for the resin , the torso joint , elbows , ankles and the knee joints are different

      its easier to repost the pictures LOL

    4. Ooo - thanks - gorgeous girls!! But pardon the ignorance - which is which? I'm gonna guess that the blue haired one is the 1.5???

    5. Opps yes forgot to put which one was 1 and 1.5
      but yes she is yes blue is 1.5
    6. Usually it says what "term" the doll/kit is from 1-4 is the 1.0 version and fifth term is the 1.5, its very confusing i know...
    7. I only have 1.5's, but I have a bust joint of a 1.0 and the 1.5's have little notches (for lack of a better way to say it! LOL) in their arm hole so that when you put their arm up it will stay up better. I really love the poseability of the 1.5. But... like I said, I never have had a chance to really "play" with a 1.0. I have been able to get a 1.0 wink face, bully face and high heeled feet to fit on a 1.5. If that is any help. There is a slight difference in skin tone but it doesn't bother me. I just love Unoa! Hope you can find your girl!!!

      Judy :D
    8. I have version 1.0 right now. I got it for less than the original price, and a couple free wigs, and the blushing is all ready done for the small bust and body. I was able to get a good deal because I did a blushing job for 1.5, and she only wanted one doll. yea currently the prices are similar to the preorder. i think araki got the idea that people wants these dolls and other people are leeching in profit. the thing that bothers me in 1.0 is the hook isn't made consistently, I can easily go in and make new hooks if i desire to. i guess 1.5 is a lot more refined and it has indentations to hold the poses better for the arms and neck, and better elastic tension and size. I have both mocha and cream 2.0 version and blushed them both. well I am just wondering if i should sell my 1.0 and get 1.5. but i don't think i will have time to do blushing work as extensively as I have done before. because this summer i am going to try to make my own ball jointed doll so i can put it in my portfolio. oh wait to continue about 1.0, there are these metal residue coming from the hook area. i don't know why is there so much tarnishing. maybe i will replace the hook with stainless steel but i don't know what i can do about the rod. I think 1.5 is a lot easier to control and you don't have to worry about positioning it well. I also know that i don't play with my dolls a lot so maybe i should stick with 1.0. but i am not sure. errrr confused.
    9. I just wonder if 1.0 and 1.5 body also applied for Unoa boy as well or only girl Unoa ?
    10. What I'm wondering is, if 1.0 came first, what were the production years? When did 1.5 come out?