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Unoa Eye Question?

Sep 19, 2006

    1. Hello everyone, I have a few quick questions regarding Unoa eye size. Any and all help would be appreciated.
      I am aware that they normally use 12mm? Is this the only size that will fit them? Can they wear 10mm or 14mm? Ive looked around the threads and dont see this answered anywear? Does anyone know wear I can buy glass eyes in 12mm? I dont normally like acrylic eyes and would love it if someone knows the answer to this to help me out. Thanks

    2. 14mm is going to be way too big. I think 11 mm Masterpiece eyes fit nicely.
      Try www.kemperdolls.com they have some gorgeous glass eyes starting at $3.
      If you do a search for Namine(my Narae)in the gallery you can see the glass eyes i got from there, thats all she approves of :)
    3. By all means please do take pics...I would love to see them..if you have the time. Also do you know any other companys besides Kemper who carry eyes this small? or Unoa size
    4. I have a pair of 14mm Souldoll eyes in my sist. They are actually smaller (iris and pupil) than the 12mm eyes I bought in a different brand.

    5. Does anyone have a picture of what 14mm souldoll eyes look in their Unoa? I would really appreciate it. Thanks
    6. The 14mm are too big, I think.Masterpiece 13mm fit well.12mm glass eyes are perfect ( like you, I always prefer glass eyes than acrylic) but are more difficult to find than the bigger sizes , especially the unusual colours.More often than not you need to place an order and wait several months to get them.I'm waiting for a pair of Enchanted Eyes myself.They have such a nice range of colours.
      I seldom use Souldoll and have not tried any of their smaller sizes so can't give any advice.Good luck!
    7. i have some 12mm glass eyes in my unoa, but i feel the pupil is a little small looking. pupil size varies a lot by company. i find the more expensive the eye, usually the bigger the pupil. or if the eye company primarily makes eyes for bjds, they usually have the bigger pupil
    8. my aina wears at the moment a pair of 9mm masterpiece eyes, and they have a good fit!
    9. I've tried the Souldoll 14mm and found them too big, they don't fit the eye cavity too well.

      Generally I use 12mm eyes (Ethereal eyes, acrylic ones), but Masterpiece 11mm do look nice too (although I didn't set them quite right here)

    10. Really? They will fit into Lusis? :D
      Great! I love Soom eyes. Could you please take some photos with close up? Can't see much on this one exept the eyes are there :lol:

      Btw I think (is it me or I've read it somewhere here..) that Sist has a lil bigger eye whole? (or however it is called XD) So some 14 might fit Sist more less but not Lusis.
    11. I just got to pairs of Ginarolo's eyes in 12mm for my unoa, and they look great. they are very round so they dont sit so far back in the eyesocket.
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    12. i tried some 14mm in my unoa and they do fit fine in the eye cavity. it almost seems like the eye cavity was sculpted so it could fit 14mm also. the iris looked a bit large, but that might be what some people are wanting.