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Unoa face plate - 1.0 or 1.5?

Feb 5, 2008

    1. Hello everybody,

      I have a question about the unoa face plates. I know there are a lot of threads about them but I couldn't find an answer on my question:

      I received an Unoa Sist wink face option as a gift. I forgot to ask the person who gave it to me which version it is. She is japanese and talking with her is kinda difficult because I can not speak japanese and her english is bad. Since I'm currently trying to get an Unoa 1.5 I'd like to know what kind of face plate it is. I know about a skin color difference but is there another difference? The face plate is still in it's package and I never opened it.

      Can you help me with this?

      thanks a lot!

    2. From this list you can see that Sist and Lusis wink were made in both 1.0 and 1.5 versions:

      Most of the unused faceplates around are 1.5's, so if your faceplate is still in its package it is probably 1.5. I don't even know if the packaging changed between 1.0 and 1.5, but if you showed the package here it might help.

      Re color - tough call. 1.0 was slightly creamier, 1.5 slightly pinker, and particular 1.5's are noticeably pinker (5th period lottery option sales? - I would have to check that). I actually think the pinker parts from that one sale are more different than 1.0 and 1.5.

    3. Suzi-- I have both 1.0 and 1.5 Unoas with several faceplates. I have the faceplates so mixed up I have to think hard which is original to the body. :?:? Once there is a faceup, there is little noticable difference between the faceplates.
    4. thank you chopsart! maybe it isn't that bad at all.

      Carolyn.S thank you! I will take photos tomorrow. maybe it helps.
    5. this is the package:
    6. That's a 1,5 faceplate.

      The 1,0 plates haven't got the bold black product code in the lower right corner - UQ-S_-WN (Unoa Quluts Sist Wink plate) in this case... The package of earlier option parts' lower right corners are blank.

      Both 1,0 and 1,5 plates work on 1,5 dolls - my 1,5 Yuna has five 1,0 faceplates which work exellently. The resin tone difference is slight and is lost in ordinary faceuping.

      Good luck with your coming girl!
    7. thank you! <3 that's nice to hear! I hope I will win the auction but I'm pretty sure because it's the same price as unoas were sold here on doa ^^ I can't wait to put her together.
    8. Good luck, I hope you get her! Unoas are really lovely dolls. :)