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Unoa faceplate DOES fit on Narae body Hybrid

Nov 12, 2006

    1. Some people have told me that it couldn't be done. But I tried it anyways and it WORKED!!! In fact, it fits perfectly.

      Here we have my modded sleepyface on a Pinky-White Narae body. As you might know, both Unao and Narindolls have a 'grove' system in which you slide the faceplate. The only difference is that Unoa faceplates are snapped on the head by a bump, whereas Narindoll faceplates snap on by magnets. But with a little tape, you could easily use a Narindoll body for a Unoa faceplate. We didn't use any tape during the meetup and the Unoa faceplate stayed on just fine as long as you didn't make any sudden or wild movements.

      There is a slight difference in skin colour but that can easily be masked by a wig and clothing.

      My aplogizes if the photos aren't 100% clear.




    2. I wonder if a golden beige body would be a better match?

      Thanks for the info!
    3. Ya, I was going to ask that maybe a different skin-coloured Narae would work!
    4. After checking out photos of the different skincoloyrs, I agree with you that golden-beige would probably be the best option.
    5. After reading this and seeing your photos which look acceptable (though it is hard to see as they are a bit blurry), I tried again to put my 1.0 and 1.5 Unoas on both Narin and Narae bodies. Though it is possible, I don't find them to be a very good fit. I was not able to get them to stay on without holding the faceplate to the head the way you did, though like you say, tape could secure it.

      The problem for me is the way the face looks on the body, and maybe this just seemed more extreme to me looking at it while holding it in my hand. If you align the top of the head with the faceplate, the bottom of the neck doesn't fit nicely--the base of the head part is more square. And, in my opinion, in that position, the neck looks too long for the face and body. If you slide the faceplate down, then there is quite a difference at the top.

      As for color, the tan skintone is much darker, of course, but the golden beige is quite a different tone as well. Clothed and wigged, perhaps not as noticeable.

      These problems might not bother some people, but it doesn't work very well for me to use on a permanent basis. I would say go for it if you already have both dolls, but I wouldn't order a Narae body FOR the Unoa faceplate, unless you like Narae as well.
    6. I tried a Unoa faceplate on my "golden beige" Narae. It was suggested that this skin color might be a better match for a the body and face.

      As you can see in the above picture, "golden beige" is not a good match.

      My faceplate would not stay on. It would have to be secured by tape to hold it. In a pinch the Narae body would work for a Unoa body substitute, but I notice the neck appears a little long.
    7. it may have been the perspective of the picture, but the Narae hands look wayyyyyy too big for Unoa's face.

      D: too bad, too... I'd love to have a Lusis. it'd make life much easier to get one if I had a Narae body and only needed to find a faceplate... too bad this doesn't work.
    8. We do not recommend putting Unoa faces on Narae bodies.

      -- the resin is not a match

      -- Narae's front facepart attaches with magnets, whereas the Unoa is a true faceplate which snaps on.

      --And of course, the artists hate it when people switch their stuff around! I should mention that!

    9. It worked on mine too ,
      I tried with Fleur when I first has her
      she is a snow white option , who has yellowed
      the colour is pretty good , match - colourwise
      french resin - normal resin - No
      I have a version 1 Unoa faceplate , it went on
      not too good , but it did and stopped on
      I could have modded it to fit better

      but I just couldnt ..it felt like sacrilege LOL
      I fell instantly in love with Narea
      Which was kinda weird , I love Unoa , and thought no other girl could take her place
      I had sold my Sist , as my Hubby lost his job
      I had bought the Narea for the Sleeping Elf head I have
      but Fleur looked at me ..and the Unoa head now has a Serendipity body of her own :)

      and now Im a 100% Narin Junky :)
    10. I think I like the limwha body option better- mostly because of the bigger boobies. But again the Foryou is such a pretty doll, I dont know if I bought one if I could not use that face plate and mod the head to fit the unoa faceplate better. To bad there are not just more unoa bodies to go around. I too am becoming a mini junky, and I just love the narae resin, it is so different from the unoa. Very life like. I do like the long neck look the unoa faceplates have on these bodies.
    11. i feel like the unoa body is so perfect for her face. really, i'm so in love with the unoa body, as a seamstress, i cannot find another girl who so effortlessly looks good in anything i make (though i don't own a narae ;) ....yet) she has perfect curves. she is really araki's masterpiece. i guess i just feel like unoa's face is meant for her body and narae's is meant for her body. color aside, french resin and unoa's plasticy resin are so different! (omg, what if unoa was cast in french resin? wouldn't that be just holy?)
    12. Interesting. I find myself more and more drawn to a Unoa girl for a character I would love to have in doll form, but they're just so expensive they're a bit unrealistic. Sist's face would just be perfect though, and the faceplates ARE more affordable on their own. I don't think I would be talented enough to sculpt a head back of my own to put the faceplate on say a MF body, so dolls with pre-existing faceplate/head back systems are a better option for me.

      The too long neck could be fixed by sanding the neck down some, though it doesn't look too out of proportion. I'd be worried about the french resin yellowing quickly, but I suppose with just a faceplate to match, it wouldn't be that difficult to paint it to match more closely over time.

      This does open a whole can of worms about artist intent vs buyer prerogative, but isn't customization often tauted as part of the whole spirit of BJDs? Should we not change our dolls to fit our liking just because they're not as the artist originally intended?
    13. Ironic, isn't it? Considering one of the primary appeals of the BJD genre is the customization? ^_^
    14. my thoughts exactly. :)
    15. I'd be very interested to see someone mod this so that they fitted with no need for tape or anything! I've always preferred the Unoa body over the Narae one, so it'd be great to see some more mixing and matching going on :)
    16. I do feel that Unoa heads work best on their very own gorgeous bodies. :)

      But, BJD are all about experimenting and customization despite what some might say. So I'm all for experiments like these. You see people here all the time using different heads on different bodies. I say go for it.
    17. Well... the ARTISTS don't like it when people switch around their dolls.

      MY OWN opinion is you should do whatever you like. It's your doll, after all!

    18. Here's my Unoa Sist faceplate on a Narae body .. the faceplate is held on by the sticky back velcro.
      I don't know what version of Sist I have (don't know how to tell) but the Narae body is tanning. Tha match isn't good but you don't really notice when the wig and outfit is on.


      This is only temporary until Narae head arrives but I still think it works OK :)
    19. I am curious, which companies are the ones who feel this?
    20. Companies don't have feelings, though they make take "positions." People have feelings. An artist or craftsman who sculpts and engineers one of these dolls or any other creation to embody their personal vision of beauty, craft, and art likely has feelings about what happens to those creations once it is out of their hands and in the hands of consumers. I would guess some doll artists don't like the idea that some owners modify the original product to match their own vision, and others may find the fact that their work inspired the creative impulses of the doll owner even more rewarding.