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Unoa girls and chibi lottery @ Crescent Shop

May 21, 2009

    1. Just saw these two announcements on the crescent shop website and thought I ought to share this:

      Unoa Sist & Lusis 7th preorders !!
      Thank you very much for using our service.
      We are taking preorders for Unoa Lusis & Sist unassembled kits
      from 13:00 June 8th to 13:00 June 23th.

      Further informations will be updated around June 1st.

      Best Regards,

      Masamichi Kuge,
      Crescent Shop

      Unoa Chibi Roron & Ririn Lottery !!
      Thank you for using our service !!

      We are taking lottery applications for Gentaro Araki's latest creation from 13:00 on May 25 to 13:00 June 8.
      The dolls are Unoa Chibi Roron & Ririn.
      The allocation for our overseas clients is 2 dolls each.
      They are all assembled and painted by Mr. Gentaro Araki !!

      Further informations including prices will be updated on 25th of May.

      <<< Important ordering condition >>>
      We can only take applications for the lottery from our clients
      who ordered Unoa dolls from Alchemic Labo through Crescent Shop.
      It is NOT including purchase from Yahoo Auctions through our deputy service.

      Thank you !

      Masamichi Kuge,
      Crescent Shop

    2. this price is without Crescent Shop fees.
    3. Pookarah, there are some pictures here and here :D
    4. Lottery CHIBI Price is 795 $ (crescent fees includ) + 40 $ EMS shipping
    5. Does that include ALL the faceplates?
    6. From Crescent today:

      We are now taking Lottery for Unoa Chibi by Mr. Gentaro Araki !!
      Thank you for using our service !

      We are now taking applications for lotteries for Unoa Chibi Assembled, Painted by Mr. Gentaro Araki.

      Here's the term & condition of the lottery.

      1) Limitation of Applicants
      We can only take applications for the lottery from our clients
      who ordered Unoa dolls from Alchemic Labo through Crescent Shop.
      It is NOT including purchase from Yahoo Auctions through our deputy service.
      We have a list of purcahsing history.
      If your application is not eligible, we will conatct to the applicant.
      Please understand we don't pre-check before you send an application.

      The allocation for our overseas clients are 2 dolls each.
      One person can apply up to 1 each.
      If we found orders are from same person, same address or same email address, we will be canceling everything.
      If your family, room mate want to participate, please contact us to unoa@crescent-shop.com

      2) Deadline of the application.
      We are taking applications by 13:00 on June 3rd, 2009 (Japanese Time)
      It is lottery for the right to purchase the dolls. It is not free present.

      3) Result
      We will notify the result by email to each applicant by June 5th(Fri)
      We also announce winner's number on "Crescent Shop News."
      The number is shown on the subject line on your email when you send an application.

      4) Price
      The price is US$ 795.00 each plus EMS shipping charge.

      5) Payment
      Winner will receive the result of the lottery by email for total amount including EMS shipping.
      Payment has to be Paypal.
      Our Paypal email address for this order is invoice@crescent-shop.com
      Please send your payment and we will be sending payment comfirmation.

      Deadline of payment is 23:59 on June 20th, 2009(Japanese Time)

      6) Delivery
      We can ship dolls accordingly after the payment is confirmed.

      7) Shipment
      Shipment is EMS only. We cannot combine any other items with the package.
      Shipping charge is US$ 40.00 anywhere in the world.
      We will NOT put lower value on the package nor sending as a gift.

      8) Cancellation
      Applications cannot be cancelled. Serious buyers only please.
      If we don't receive your payment by 23:59 on June 20th, your order would be cancelled automatically.
      We may refuse future orders for Unoa series from a winner who cancelled it.

      If you can agree the above condition, please go to http://www.crescent-shop.com/unoachibi.html

      Thank you for participating the lottery !

      Masamichi Kuge,
      Crescent Shop
    7. Looks like its just 1 face plate, wig, eyes and assembled body.
    8. What is the price with the crescent fees, in dollars, for the Lusis and Sist preorders? No extras, just the basic bust and one faceplate. I want to get an idea of how much it would end up being...
    9. Wolfie, as far as I'm aware, fees breakdown tells me that Crescent will charge around 7,000 yen (~$70) as a service fee, plus shipping fees. I'm not sure, they might charge extra.