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Unoa Girls Sist / Lusis in Fresh Skin Pre-orders ! From May. 7 to May. 23

May 7, 2012

    1. 04 May 2012

      We are happy to announce about pre-orders for Unoa Girl Sist & Lusis kit.
      From this pre-order, the skin is called "Fresh skin". Old skin doll is not available any more.
      Alchemic Labo is still keep making the parts in the old skin tone.
      But they decrease the current skin and new skin tone "Fresh skin" takes over at last.

      If you wanted old skin version, you should not order this time.
      Old skin version kit is not available any more from Alchemic Labo.
      You still might be able to find it on Yahhoo Auction or some secondary markets.

      1) Prices
      Sist Kit 45500 JPY / kit
      Lusis Kit 45500 JPY / Kit
      It is including our service charge, domestic shipping and bank wire but international shipping and handling.

      2) Limit of ordering quantity.
      Sist 1 kit / person & Lusis 1 kit / person.
      You cannot order 2 Sist or 2 Lusis.