1. It has come to the attention of forum staff that Dollshe Craft has ceased communications with dealers and customers, has failed to provide promised refunds for the excessive waits, and now has wait times surpassing 5 years in some cases. Forum staff are also concerned as there are claims being put forth that Dollshe plans to close down their doll making company. Due to the instability of the company, the lack of communication, the lack of promised refunds, and the wait times now surpassing 5 years, we strongly urge members to research the current state of this company very carefully and thoroughly before deciding to place an order. For more information please see the Dollshe waiting room. Do not assume this cannot happen to you or that your order will be different.
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Sales Promotion Unoa Kit Sale! Big discounts on unassembled dolls for January!

Jan 14, 2018

    1. In the spirit of Japanese New Year, UnoAlchemy is offering an amazing CLEARANCE SALE that will allow us to make room for new dolls and give a great price to everyone. All dolls will be sold at a steep discount, and all colors we have in stock can be purchased. Please note that these dolls are NOT assembled. They'll be sold as kits, just like Alchemic Labo used to do. These sales will also not include any extra free parts. Shipping is included in price.

      Faceplates and parts are not on sale, but you are free to order them or add them to an order.

      We have available:
      • Lusis/Sist 1.5 girls in Fresh Skin for 38000 ¥ (Fairy is sold out)
      • L-bi and B-el in Fresh, Fairy, or Zombie skin for 38000 ¥
      • Chibi Lilin and Roron in Fresh, Fairy, Paradise, Purple, Blue - 38000 ¥ for Fresh and Fairy, and 40000 ¥ for Paradise, Blue, or Purple
      • Elder Sister Ange and Belia in Fresh or Fairy (VERY low quantities of Fairy skin) for 40000 ¥
      • Elder Brother Xyle and Zest in Fresh, Fairy, and Paradise - 40000 ¥ for Fresh or Fairy, and 42000 ¥ for Paradise
      Let us know if you have any questions!

      How to order:
      Just email us at [email protected], and we'll answer back as soon as we can. Please remember that this is not our main job, so we can't always answer right away, but we will do so as soon as possible.
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    2. Hello! <3
      I went to your website and it says "B-grade"-- what exactly does that mean? Are your dolls defective in any way? :?
      Thank you so much! :chibi
    3. Yes, B grade dolls may have small flaws, such as small inclusions or very tiny bubbles. Usually they are not noticeable, but if you are very particular about flawless resin, I would purchase standard grade dolls from Alchemic Labo vía a shopping service.
    4. Ok cool! That sounds like a very effective way to save money <3 Thank you!
    5. Is there an estimate to when these kits will ship out? Thank you! :D <3
    6. I'm going to assume that the sale will end in January, but i'm wondering how long I will have exactly? I am sadly getting paid within the first week of February and was in the market to buy, but I feel I will probably miss the sale ;u;