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Unoa Light 26cm Tiny Discussion Part 1

Nov 29, 2005

    1. What size are they? And where can I buy/order some wigs?

      I wanna buy a wig for my Unoa Light Fluorite soonish.

      ........Mod Notes......

      This is a discussion for Unoa Light resin dolls. They are a doll that comes in a kit made by Gentaro Araki (AlchemicLabo).

      Their names are Fluorite and Azurite.

      (The Sekiguchi Unoa Vinyl Light version is considered Off Topic for DoA.
      But there is a flicker discussion here:

      Assembling an Unoa Light

      Clothes that Fit Unoa Light: Barbie and Bratz

      Unoa Light Tiny Discussion Part 1:
    2. Flourite is a kit doll made by Gentaro Araki (Alchemic Lab). I would post a Want to Buy in the Doll Marketplace on this forum. You may be able to get one fully assembled from a member. The full kit comes with cat ears, optional hands and feet, material for making the fur hair, her bikini and her high heels. You also have the option of eyes that move from a lever in the back of the head or leaving them stationary. She is 26cm so she will fit some Barbie clothes, some of the Bratz clothing and some of the 1/6 Azone outifts. She also wears the size 4 wigs which you can purchase from doll suppliers. As to the pink, that someone else will have to answer. Oops, Sumomo123 I see I took to long to reply.
      Anyway you will love her.
    3. *nodnod* Yep, the pink joints come with the "Special" kits, which run a little more than the regular kits. An unpainted Fluorite (girl) kit seems to run around $300-ish on the secondary market, and Azurite (boy) is a little less. The prices tend to vary quite a bit, though.

      If you do a search for "Artemis" or "Akiva," you can see my Fluorite/Azurite pair :D

      How hard are they to get?

      If you keep an eye on the Marketplace, they come up relatively often, at least once a month in my experience.

      Will there be an order for them again, like there is now for the Sist and Lusis?

      I think that the orders are only in Japan (they're not sold in the same fashion that the larger Unoas are, it seems to be pretty randomly timed and I've heard something about a lottery). You can get them on Y!J, although it may cost more than just waiting for one to come up on DoA.

      Do they all come with cat ears?

      Yep! A complete kit comes with cat ears!

      Any other optional parts?

      AFAIK, no option parts are sold for UnoLas other than the parts that come with the kit.

      Please keep in mind that this is off the top of my head, it's possible that I'm leaving something out:

      The Fluorite kit comes with cat ears, two pairs of hands, two pairs of feet (one sized to fit the high-heel parts), high-heel soles (which are meant to go with included material to make sandals), material for her white vinyl bikini, and fur material to make her wig.

      The Azurite kit comes with cat ears, two pairs of feet (one sized to fit the geta-sandals), geta-soles (which are meant to go with included cord to make sandals), material for his black vinyl bikini-bottom, and fur material to make his wig.

      Oh, and they both come with eyes!! I don't remember whether the Azurite kit comes with two pairs of hands or not.

      The kits include everything you need to make them except tools and glue to attach the eyes -- they include wire to make tiny S-hooks for the joints, elastic cord to string the bodies, etc.

      BTW, not every kit comes with instructions in English, but I have scanned the English instructions and will happily send them to you (or anyone) in e-mail if needed!!

      Hope you find your UnoLa someday -- I love mine!!

      -- Andi :D
    4. P.S. One of the best things about Unoa Lights is that they can wear all sorts of clothing . . . Akiva (boy) is wearing Bratz Boyz clothes and Azone boots (which fit the larger pair of feet on both of them, btw) and a WTG Boyfriends wig (perfect fit), and Artemis is wearing a Pullip Body 3 kimono and shoes (which are, I think, Pullip Body 2 shoes) and a Pocket Fairy wig (which is a leetle big, but just right with the ears holding it on). They can also wear some Barbie clothes and most 1/6-scale clothes, w00t!!


      -- Andi ^-^
    5. I'm wondering:
      Where's the best place to find an unoa light Azurite?

      I appreciate any feedback, thanks
    6. As far as I know, Unoa Lights aren't produced anymore. So the only way to get them is when someone is selling one.

      You can try Yahoo Japan (they pop up once in a while ), Ebay (rarely) or the Marketplace here at DOA (not very often).
    7. well it seems there are some popping up lately, in the marketplace here or Y!JA,
      I actually just won one fluorite kit myself in Y!JA~!:
      I was wondering what do people do with the eye mechanism? what should I do?!
      I love the eyes they come with but it's very difficult to find these funagata eyes in a size to fit into the mechanism at on-line stores,
      and i definitely do not want to sand the mechanism cause i like to keep her the way she was meant to be..

      did you guys sand the mechanism? can you use other eyes to fit inside it?
    8. [​IMG]
      ok, it's a little bit more of a hassle than I thought,lol,
      cleaning the seams and resin chunks is a pain,
      they're basically EVERYWHERE, even between fingers etc.

      I managed to clean the faceplate,eye mechanism,backhead,torso,L+R arms
      before realizing that I had sliced my finger with the X-facto,ayyyweee >_____<;;;

      so I guess this is it for today,lol..
      it's too hot to bother any further right now,
      dear Fluorite will have to wait a little longer before becoming complete O_o;
    9. I can't remove the faceplate of my lite.
      Any tips?
    10. Myra I have the opposite problem than you I can't get it on..I would suggest to carefully heat the backhead up with a blow dryer and try pulling..once you open it maybe you can slightly sand the pegs so you can attach/detach more easily.

      D.ark you gotta assemble those beauties and share them with us!XDXDXD
    11. Uuuuugh, I've been wanting a resin Light Fluorite for aaaaaaaages, the last time I remember trying for a kit on Y!J was back in.. 2008 or something?? It's a shame they're not being produced anymore. I really wish everyone who has one will do the rest uf us unfortunate souls a favour and post loads of pics in the new thread!!
    12. they did but those were the vinyl version which we're not allowed to talk about anymore...
      the Resin version were only released like twice during 2005-2006..
      they have been discontinued since and replaced by the new vinyl version.

      Ok I manged to put the backhead on but then like you I just couldn't remove it,>__<;
      I tried warming it but it takes a lot of heat then you should place the slimiest screwdriver you own
      right where the eye mech exits the backhead slide it in there, all the way inside and give it a good push while the screwdriver is pushing the backhead's inner walls. I then went ahead and slightly sanded the pegs, it now connects easier but still you can't take them apart without the screwdriver method.>______<;;
    13. [​IMG]
      today I had an epiphany and decided to fill myself with courage,
      overcome my fears, and complete the assembly process of my [U-Q|LIGHT|R] / Fluorite
      my biggest fear was pushing the wires inside her body,only one thing went wrong,
      I cut one of her wires a few mm too long, and when I pushed it through
      it came out of the other side of her kneeT___T ..however it's not very visible..
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    14. aww she looks fabulous n66x! I love her little butt in the last pic. X> And grats on putting her together! I like the garage kit aspec of the resin Unolas but she really is a tough one to put together. >< Especially those little knee/leg wires that had to loop a certain way, if I remember correctly...> > Did you glue her seams? That's the one thing I was always afraid of...

      She looks beautiful! Have tons of fun with her! X>>
    15. I didn't glue her leg plates cause it seems that would become a problem if you want to restring her body in case a cord comes loose or something,>__<; I did however shaves a little bit of all her plate pegs so that the plates could make a more perfect collision together(there were gaps between them before I did), I also shaved the pegs from her headback a little cause the first time I put it together it took me a good 30 minutes to find a way to pull them apart again, after shaving the pegs it's easier to do so,
      Resin [U-Q|LIGHT] | Accessories and Clothes--------------------------
      I was amazed to seen how well the [Azone Pureneemo 25cm ] clothes fit her,
      I have a whole doll closet filled with those so I'm very excited,lol,
      she can even fit into some [ 21cm Obitsu ] and [ 21cm Azone ] stuff,
      I'm using her big feet which are identical
      with my [ Volks Neo-Guy ] male doll's feet,
      so the shoes made for the boys will fit their big feet,
      BUT the male dolls are huge so their clothes won't:
      [ Who's that girl ] or other 27cm [ obitsu/azone/dollfie ] stuff
      will be a little loose, so choose stuff that make a tight fit in general:
      [ Neo-guy ] and [ Volks 1/6 dollfie ] wigs will fit perfectly also:
      [ puki puki ] wigs make a perfect fit as well,
      anything else I discover, I'll report it back here!^___^
    16. The resin versions were the first generation, dating from 2005; the vinyl Lights have been put out at regular intervals ever since, including an issue in 2010, and and are off-topic here. (So definitely be careful which Unoa Lights you buy, if you want to talk about them on DoA!)
    17. Thank you, birdie!

      I can see you've tried different eyes on your Unoa Light- did they fit ok?
    18. I am super excited, i've always wanted a fluorite and i finally won one off Y!J. albeit a bit expensive @.@
      I hope she will fit in with my chibi and zero xD

      what clothes will they fit best? Momoko?
      Oh and i never thought about shoes @.@
    19. Congrats! May I ask how you searched for her on Y!J? I'm looking into getting one as well but so far I'm too dumb to get where on Y!J to search for one.

      As for clothes/shoes and such, I found this flickr group really helpful.