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Unoa Light FAQ

Jan 7, 2005

    1. Thanks to twotone for most of this information.

      Please don't add "that's cool" posts to this. :) please only add if you have additional information! Thanks!

      Alchemic Lab released a new smaller than Unoa of doll called Unoa Light. Only 50 were made and were sold at Dolpa 12. Unoa Light comes as both a boy (Azurite 26 cm) and a girl (Fluorite 25 cm). Their heads are about the size of a 100 yen coin (or a quarter.) Both dolls have interesting joint systems, including a double elbow joint, a stopper to prevent the neck from turning too far, and a lever that changes the direction of the eye glancing.

      He sold completed Painted Unola Azurite (Unoa Light, the 1/6 figure) and Unoa Option Parts at Dolpa.

      Price is guessed to be 39000 yen for painted kit and 17000 yen for unpainted.

      "Over the past few entries, he keeps saying that he cannot recommend Unoa Light to traditional "dolly people", because it's more attuned to the preferences and interests of figure-kit and garage-kit fans.

      He also mentions that Unoa's price (not a typo) was affected by the frustrations he experienced as he attempted to put in as many interesting gimmicks as possible, while also minimizing parts and simplifying construction. Unola (not a typo) has ignored the "minimizing parts and lowering costs" aspect, so it's a whole new dolly paradigm.

      He also asks that people not contact the website (Alchemic Labo) about UnoLa, since that's a separate project from the regular Unoa line.

      As for Fluorite (the girl UnoLa), the projected release date is Wonder Festival in February 2005. "

      official site for Unoa Light:

      url to the kit:
    2. Doneunyo is the webstore that will be carrying Unoa Light. At the moment, it is listed as "exclusive to this store".

      Azurite's unpainted, unassembled kit is being sold for 16000 yen (the 5% tax brings that to a total for 16800 yen.)

      The Doneunyo site says that Unoa Light will be restricted to one per customer.
    3. I know it has "please post only if you have information, not just THAT'S COOL!! posts," but are questions okay?

      Does anyone know when these kits will become available for sale, or if they'll be available to the US (ie: will they ship here)?


      - Kiya
    4. I also have a question.
      Please don't hurt me.
      ... is Azurite limited? *lust*
    5. They will be available for sale, iirc, sometime on the 10th. (I am not looking at the website right this minute, so I may be off by a day or two.) The website gives the impression that they are simply out of stock temporarily, rather than that there will be any odd backbending process to get one. From what I can tell, there is no mention of his being limited.

      To order, you fill out the form and they confirm and send you details. You can pay with furikomi -- Japanese bank transfer. (This is the most common kind of payment online and is different from an international transfer because it costs about $2 for the sender and is free for the recipient.) You have a week to send money once they confirm your order. They only mention payment and shipping within Japan, so international orders seem unlikely. You could use a buying service though.

      My Japanese is pretty bad, so sorry if some of this is wrong. I looked through the ordering pages myself with the idea of ordering (I am not yet sure if I will), and this is the gist of what I figured out. (And please no PMs about this -- I cannot handle ordering for anyone else, sorry!)
    6. ... and another question. :oops:
      Because I am a chicken and an idiot, I'd like to buy the pre-assembled, prepainted kit.
      ... are they limited?
      ... where can I get one?
    7. ^_^ that at least I can answer...! Mr. Araki's work ,... the painted ones are always very limited.
    8. I can't believe it! I checked the page again to order an Azurite kit, and it says they're sold out already! When I looked at it last night there was no update yet, so I figured a couple of hours wouldn't hurt...what happened?
      They say they're going to put them on sale again the 25th. Did they sell out of this batch or just postpone it? Does anybody know?
      I mean, it's no big deal, I'm just a little confused. Finding info on these little guys is so hard!
    9. Masamichi says that Crescent Shop cannot handle the Unola.
      I wonder how else we in the US could get ahold of them?
    10. The two urls to the site for the Unoa Light don't work for me? do they work for anyone?

      Sold out already? I thought they were unlimited?

      Was the boy on domuya.net I read he was?

      I really want the girl I hope we will get a chance!

    11. I dont think anythings been said about whether they are limited or not
    12. Could Kakyuu-san do it for us? She does do FCS, so maybe we should ask her?
      *prays they aren't limited*
    13. I think the problem is that the sight says it's only ONE kit per customer, even Masamichi at Crescent cannot handle orders, so I'm guessing that the sellers are sticking to their guns... :cry:
    14. Another question - (can anyone tell I've really got my heart set on Azurite?) - do we know what size eyes he wears?
    15. random useless info: UnoLa would a shortening of 'Unoa Light'. THe name katakana-izes to 'yu-no-a la-i-to' in Japanese and Japanese people love to shorten things. They often take the first two syllables of the first word and the first one or two of the second word when shortening a name like that, hence 'yu-no-la' or UnoLa. ^^

      (Full Choice System is often just called 'Furucho' (Full Cho) and even at Volks they usually just say 'FuruChoisu' (Full Choice). ^^)
    16. You say only 50 were made.
      Does this mean only 50 painted, assembled dolls, or only fifty kits?
      ... oh, please let it mean only fifty assembled. *crosses fingers*
      Also, if there are more than 50 kits, any ideas on who can handle orders?
    17. 50 assembled. There's a new batch every month.

      But please understand that these are HARD to get even in Japan. They sell out within minutes even last time when the time of day was unannounced! Which means people were literally there around the clock hitting refresh waiting for it.

      It's one per customer. And if you got lucky last time, you can't apply the next time. So really, one per customer.

      This is not something that a normal buying service would handle. It basicly means giving up your day on sale day in *hope* of getting *one* -- and you can bet nobody is going to take a mere 15% commission for that.

      Your best bet is YJ -- same as 99% of people in Japan. That's why the auction prices are high.
    18. hi there, I have some questions and I think this is the right place... maybe?

      does anyone knows the measurements of unola flourite feet?
      And what parts are included in the kit?
      for the girls 2 pair of hands, 2 pairs of feet (what's the difference between the feet?) and 2 parts to make shoes, and the mouth (this isn't really optional I think..)
      for the boys 2 pair of hands, 2 pairs of feet (and the part to make japanese shoes)... anything else?
      does anyone knows if there are optional parts to be released in the future?
    19. You also get optional kitty ears with the boy and girl, fake fur to make a wig, and fabric to make their little bathing-suits :)

      I don't have a tape-measure handy, but I'll measure Artemis' feet if nobody's done it by the time I get back from my trip to NY tomorrow.

      AFAIK, there aren't any extra option parts to be released, but you never know with Araki!

      -- Andi <3