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Unoa Masters, Help Me Find the Hime Girls!

Jan 3, 2010

    1. Edit: Website found! By Ahiru!


      So, Can anyone tell me anymore information on these girls?

      This may be someone's personal collection, and they may not be for sale or anything. I can't read Japanese, so I wouldn't know. That's why I need help.
      If anyone knows how to contact this person, please tell me! I want to purchase a wig from her!

      I want one of the wigs more than anything else to be honest.

      If anyone can read Japanese, please help me out!
      Or if you just know...
    2. Thank you! Yes, that is the website! ♥
    3. Bump! Help me!
    4. I'm just guessing here but I think the person running the sites does custom face-ups etc.?

      I'm guessing that by the BBS... and her blog (which I could only read a few words of .__.)

      EDIT: I think the parts ion the side bar are Auctions of dolls she painted, made clothes for, then sold as a set?
      I'm not too sure..... -_-
    5. Thank you! That's a big help, really. I am so desperate for one of these girls I'm almost tempted to sell my Chrom D:
      I'm going to continue watching her Y!J page in hopes of something ^^ ♥
    6. I'm not sure if this is helpful, but this blog is full of scans from Gyaru magazines (for humans) and has some great hair tutorials for this style.
      It's possible you or a customiser could use them for wig styling?
      And you could use some of the make up shots as reference for a face up artist to use?

      As far as the Unoas themselves, the important aspect is that the mods involve epoxy additions, which is very skilled work. The artist doesn;t sell them, they are her personal collection.

      But with a dramatic face up I think it would be possible to get a similar look without addition mods. The nosebridge needs to be sanded down, the lips sanded more open, the chin rounded and eyes opened up rounder.

      Or to avoiding modding altogether, how about using a Soulkid Tiny? It's hard to tell in these shots but she has a great face for this style: open mouth, small nose, big wide eyes. http://souldoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=1295
    7. Thanks for all the info~! That's really helpful! I love the Himegyaru hair style and that's mostly what I was after.
      But that Souldoll girl is so cute! She's absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for showing me her! I'm going to save for her instead of an Unoa I think, and then get the customized wig when I can. It's going to be a while, but I'm going to start saving. ♥
    8. Good luck! And if you find anywhere which sells himegyaru outfits for dolls, let me know XD
    9. Oh that would be helpful as well, if you would be so kind ^_^
    10. I'd really like to find out how to order one of her wigs. The site is so laggy for me.
    11. Apparently they're only available through auction :(
      However some of them don't seem THAT hard to get commissioned or to make.
    12. Well I have a hime-ish wig coming in the mail for me. It's half fiber half fur
    13. Sounds cute ^^ I adore the Hime style. All Ganguro is cute but it's the best to me ♥
      You should post pictures when you get it! I would love to see.
    14. [​IMG]
      Here is the wig I got from blinkeke
    15. Oh gosh that's soooo cute! xD She looks adorable!! I love the pearls!