Unoa On The Way

Oct 31, 2006

    1. Hello Everyone ^.^
      I saw a Unoa on ebay and fell in love.. Like suddenly I realized she needed me :sweat However now I'm a little worried. I was under the impression that Unoa's are 43 cm dolls, however the seller mentioned that she was tiny and could wear barbie clothes o.o
      Now, I've never tried barbie clothes on my other two girls, both mini sized, but I dont think they would fit. Is the Unoa I ordered a smaller doll, or do they only come in 43 cm size? Its not that I would love her any less, but I was hoping for a girl at least relatively similar to my others. If anyone could ease my tensions I would be so happy. Thank you ^.^ if anyone is interested I will update the topic when she gets here and show how she's doing (she's gonna take some work to fix up, so again, if anyone wants to see her step by step I would be thrilled to share :) ).
      Hope to hear from someone soon, lol. Thanks very much!
    2. Could it be possible that the Unoa you fell in love with is a "Flourite" Unoa light? Those are smaller than barbies, and are indeed tiny, though still lovely.
    3. If she fits barbie clothes, she is definately a Unoa light. I hope you didn't pay big Unoa prices for her! :)
    4. ah yes, >< so how big exactly is a Unoa light? Are they as nice as a normal Unoa and can they be treated the same way? (wig switches and whatnot)

      oh my, I cant beleive I overlooked that >< I love the model of doll, I wish the seller would have listed the measurements though... I didnt even know there were different types of Unoas
    5. I made the same mistake once but once you know about it you won't make that same mistake again. The lights are really cute but they are barbie size. There are photos in the galleries here with comparison photos so maybe you could do an archive search.

    6. Maybe if you link us to the auction you won we could determine more about this?
    7. Yes please link a copy of the auction if you can. You possibly were intentionally mislead? There is a HUGE difference between a 25cm doll which is Flourite UnoaLight and the 43cm Unoa. To put her size in perspective she is smaller than a Soom Uyoo.
    8. She looks like a "Unoa Light" which is a tiny, not an MSD. The auction might my considered somewhat deceptive since they use the name Lusis which I believe is only the name of one of the MSD girls. I think the Unoa Light girl is usually named Fluorite (but I haven't seen the latest version of the Unoa Lights which may have new names).

      Unoa Lusis is an MSD whose kit can sell for $1000 and more, and completed can draw aver $2000.

      There are several Unoa Light dolls on the board - you can show and discuss her in the Tinies section. I will see if I can find measurements for you.

      Here's a VERY old FAQ about Unoa Light when they were introduced:

      For more info, here is a title search of DoA for Unoa Light:

    9. I'm also confused by the "tanning skin." To my knowledge, no Fluorites were ever made with anything but the standard creamy skin tone.
    10. It said the doll was modded, but is this the doll that was bought?
    11. I thought the doll looked very tan also, but didn't Alchemic Lab come out with a new version of Unoa Lights recently? I thought I read that somewhere. Also, in some photos I have seen, Unoa Lights look darker skinned than in others.

    12. Yes, that is the doll I purchased. It was indeed misleading now that I think, because when I read Lusis, I looked it up and it was an MSD sized doll. The seller did call her a 'light' though... she is much prettyier in person but definately needs a lot of work. The 'tanning' is spray paint *_* but is coming off nicely with nailpolish remover. Im not sure what I should do as far as the person selling her. I cant tell if the article was intentionally deceptive or not. Either way I wont send her back (I cant now that I've detanned her leg :sweat )
      Does anyone know how I might go about getting these chobits ears off?
      any advice would be lovely, I really appreciate that everyone is responding to my thread, it is sooo nice to have someone to talk to about this. She isnt damaged in any way, other than the ears which Im not sure I can get off.
      I will post pics real soon :)
    13. What are the ears held on with?
    14. its hard to say... it almost looks like they are melted on, but Im sure that cant be... at least I hope ><
      I think its some kind of glue
    15. Hmn.... well, I suppose the first thing to do is determine what kind of glue it is? Maybe email the seller and ask?
    16. Muaha! I got them off ^.^;;
      She needs a face up pretty bad now though, lol, I took all the paint off of her head
      Does anybody know where I might be able to find things like wigs and eyelashes for her?
    17. also has wigs in Dolls and Figures... Obitsu...27cm...Wigs (4 inch ones at the top of the wig page and slightly smaller at the bottom)

      In addition, here on DoA are links to scanned Unoa Light instructions which include a little fur wig pattern for her:

      BTW - this thread needs to get moved to tinies. Or GrowlyGal you could just start a thread over in Tinies called "Working on Unoa Light" or something.