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Unoa Optional Parts & Unoa 2nd kit Preorder Until February 25th

Feb 11, 2009

    1. Crescent Shop has now opened an ordering period for Unoa Optional Parts and the Unoa 2nd version kits.

      Shipping : Possibly March 15th!
      Items: In stock at Alchemic Labo

      Here is the entire message on the website:

      Thank you for using our service.
      We are sorry for this sudden announcement.
      We are now taking orders for Unoa Quluts Optional Parts & Unoa 2nd ver. kit.

      Here's the term & condition of the order.

      1) Order Period
      We are taking orders to 13:00 on Feb 25th. (Japanese Time)
      All items are in stock at Alchemic Labo.
      It is not first come first serve bases.

      2) Price & ordering quantity limit.
      Please see ordering page. There is a quantity limit per person.
      If we found orders are from same person, same address or same email address, we will be canceling everything.
      If your family, room mate order the parts, please contact us to sales@crescent-shop.com

      3) Payment
      Buyers will be receiving a notification by email for total amount by email.
      Payment has to be Paypal.
      Our Paypal email address for this order is invoice@crescent-shop.com
      Please send your payment and we will be sending payment comfirmation.

      Deadline of payment is 23:59 on Feb 28th, 2008(Japanese Time)

      4) Delivery
      We should be able to ship out packages by March 15th.

      5) Shipment
      Shipment is EMS only. We cannot combine any other items with the package.
      Shipping charge is flat rate US$15.00 to anywhere in the world.
      We will NOT put lower value on the package nor sending as a gift.

      6) Cancellation
      Order cannot be cancelled after you pay. Serious buyers only please.
      If we were not received a payment by 23:59 on Feb 28th,
      orders would be cancelled.

      If you can agree this term and condition, please go to

      Thank you for ordering !

      Masamichi Kuge,
      Crescent Shop

      What's new? Red resin colour on various optional parts!
    2. I see faceplates... there's a second page of parts that you missed.

      Who is "Chiffon"? I like her faceplate, but can't find any owner pics on DoA... is she new?
    3. Thank you! I tried looking for the 2nd page! Edit: Just to clarify DiSpy, do you mean the Unoa 2nd Faceplates?

      Chiffon is DollyBird's Sweet face, (for the Unoa 2.0 kit) She isn't new, just the name for the face changed.
    4. I emailed Crescent to ask about 1.5 face-plates. I'll post here if they reply.

      I just heard from Crescent!!!