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Unoa posing issue

Jan 30, 2006

    1. I just got a Unoa Lusis and she is beaauuuuuuutiful but I can -not- get her head to stay up (looking straight forward). Any tips or suggestions? I'd appreciate it!
    2. I think that is a common issue with Unoa girls (vers. 1.0 at least). Mine are like that, too. Mine either looks up, down, or I can angle her face sideways pretty much level. Otherwise her neck joint snaps her head down when I am playing with her. I think some here have had luck wiring them or modifying them to look straight? I'll be interested to read what others have done as well.
    3. When I assembled my unoa, I took a bit of suede (pliver would probably have worked as well) and glued them to the underside of her head. Solved all my posing problems. :)

    4. You mean the underside of the backpart of the head?
    5. I used a little piece of moleskin on the underside of my doll's head. It's a little round piece with a hole cut into the middle like a donut so her stringing can go through. ~~Lin
    6. What's strange is I have 2 unoas that have heads that seem to pull down like you are describing and or pull to the side but won't look up and I have two that can pose just fine!! and can have the head move in any position with zero pulling!! including looking up, they are all are the old version girls. I can't figure out what the difference is. I will add mole skin to mine too as it is annoying.
    7. Could you put a pic of where the suede/moleskin has to be? I have a little trouble understanding what you mean >-<!!! Thank you very much!
    8. here's a quick picture of what I meant -- sorry to confuse you. ^^;


      BTW, the smooth side is the side that is showing, not the fuzzy. Hope this helps~
    9. That is cool! Lore, we have to try it on our girls...

      Wonder what the 1.5 head connection will be like. This is the same as the 1.5 boy body, right? Any head flops with the boys? I haven't heard of any, so perhaps they fixed that situation. My 3 Unoa girls were bought on the secondary market, so I suspect they are from 2004 and prone to this head posing challenge.

      Kinda OT-- I just noticed my UnoaLight boy has a similar elbow construction to the new 1.5 Unoa elbow. I wonder if the Unoa Lights were a prototype of sorts? They pose really nicely for such a tiny little one.
    10. Thank you so very much for the pic! It was very hard to me to exactly figure out how the arrangement was >_<! But now I see quite clear, thanks a lot!
    11. No head flopping with my boys, they have these little numbs in the neck and under the heads.
    12. Fitz, you have Unoa 1.5's, I think -- the new body does have those very useful nubs that help with head posing.

      I'm going to try putting a little hot glue on the inside of my 1.0 body's head-back (in the same place as the pliver) to see if that will help with head posing -- will report back as to the results!

      -- A :)
    13. I was so happy when I received my 1.5 Unoa kit. No more head dropping forward and no more grey residue in the hand and ankle joints due to the aluminum. A great improvement! I placed cotton in the 1.0 neck to keep the head up.
    14. I am having the same problem with 1.5 - not sure why. I used the new user-recommended length for the elastic.

      What type of glue do you use with the thin sheepskin?