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Unoa Pre-order - CLOSED! - Refunds Issued pls read

May 25, 2005

    1. I just issued the last of the refunds on the list.
      If you have /not/ received your refund, please contact me immediately. It means you didn't include a transaction ID for me and I need that to issue the refund. ^_^;
      Thank you! I'm so sorry we couldn't win any for anyone. It was so depressing!!!


      Hello, everyone!
      I just wanted to announce that I confirmed it with the Japan office and we WILL be taking Unoa pre-orders for the lottery. There is only one catch. Due to the number of people ordering items and then saying they have no money for them, we HAVE to have the full payment up front, even if you don't win. ;_; In the event you don't win the lottery for your girl, your payment will be refunded IN FULL. Paypal is preferred because there are no fees taken out that way, but a credit card is acceptable as well.

      Please send this information to hyla@celga.com (I will be compiling the orders and sending them to Japan office to actually place the orders):

      1. Your Full (Legal) Name
      2. Your address (including phone number) MUST be confirmed PP or CC billing address
      3. Your Order
      4. The transaction ID of your pre-payment (to paypal@celga.com in USD ONLY!).

      We are using $1=100 yen right now

      Here are the fees that will be added to your order should you win:

      bank fee: $2
      Shipping in JP fee: Not sure but probably $10
      Our Fee: $40 (includes doll and 1 or 2 accessory - many extra parts may be additional)

      Shipping to you: Not sure but probably $35-$50 depending on where you live.

      Once we are notified of the winners, the losers will be refunded within 24 hours and the winners will have their final bill/confirmation sent within 2-3 days.

      Any more questions, please feel free to email me at hyla@celga.com .

      Thank you and good luck!

      P.S. If we get a huge number of requests, we may have to stop accepting them, so get your request in early!
    2. That is good news. I only want to order the high heeled feets. Is this possible?

    3. How much are we suppose to pay? I want to preorder, but i dont know how much...
    4. ok , so how do i know what comes with one doll? I want Lusis with the large milk part :)

      so i guess that is one extra part, right?
      But then reading the translation i come up with this...

      ユノア * cyst: Default face (not yet paint) 4,000 Yen
      * ユノア * Lu cis: Default face (not yet paint) 4,000 Yen
      * It is completed cripes, the face (the cyst / Lu cis commonness and not yet paint) 4,000 Yen

      * ユノア * cyst: Unkind treatment face (not yet paint) 3,500 Yen
      * ユノア * Lu cis: Unkind treatment face (not yet paint) 3,500 Yen
      * At on the dolly bird magazine being something which it is preceded is sold summer of 2004, it does.
      Schedule of reproduction is not present time with handling only the stock.

      * Finger holding on opponent's belt part (not yet paint) 2,000 Yen
      * High-heeled shoe part (not yet paint) 2,000 Yen
      * Mule sole (not yet paint) 1,000 Yen
      * The ネコミミパーツ (not yet paint, the tail & the wig it is not) 1,000 Yen

      * Long wig * burning brown 2,000 Yen * quantity restriction it is not
      * Short wig * brown 1,500 Yen * quantity restriction it is not

      * All cysts / you can use the above-mentioned option part, for the Lu cis and the ヴィエル / the エルヴィ.
      * The wig the cyst / Lu cis and is ヴィエル / エルヴィ common size.
      * When in the future tailor sight mail order and sale in the event is done, there is an above-mentioned commodity.

      They dont come with a face? I am confused...
    5. Thank you! Too bad I can't get my PP address confirmed (I live overseas). I hope they will be able to help... :(
    6. I can't either.. :cry:
    7. Account Basics - Verification

      Can non-U.S. members become Verified?

      Yes. Non-U.S. members* who have completed their Expanded Use enrollment have the status of "Verified." As part of the Verification process, non-U.S. members must confirm an email address, add a credit card, and enter their Expanded Use Number or be otherwise Verified by PayPal.

      * German members must add a bank account and complete a Manual EFT (electronic funds transfer) or add a credit card and complete the Expanded Use Process to become Verified or they can become otherwise verified by PayPal.

      * Canadian members must add and confirm a bank account and Validate their Account Information to become Verified or become otherwise verified by PayPal.

      * UK members must add a bank account, Complete Direct Debit and Validate their Account Information to become Verified. Premier and Business Account holders in UK must also Supply Merchant Information for the Verification Process. They can also become otherwise verified by PayPal.
    8. But the notice from Celga is talking about having the address confirmed, not verified. They are two different things. (I am verified.)
    9. Apologies, I thought you were talking about Paypal.

      But if you're verified by Paypal and as Ryochan said:

      And both your billing and shipping address are the same, I'm at a lose here as to why aught there be a problem? Maybe emailing Celga will shed light on this.
    10. That's what I'm hoping! I emailed Celga and their US office opens in about half an hour so I'm hoping to get a reply soon! (Will post it when I get it.)
    11. I just spoke to Hyla and apparently if you're verified but unconfirmed you're still okay to participate.

      Good luck everyone!
    12. Verified was what I intended to say, sorry!

      Also sorry for not having responded yesterday, I spent most of the day in bed with the flu. I will be answering emails today.
    13. Hello,
      I don't know if we will actually be able to get them or not, but we will put your 'foot request' together with another doll so that shouldn't be a problem. Only, it is still a lottery system so... I don't think they lottery the parts separately. ;_;

    14. Hello,
      1 doll is $380. 1 or 2 accessories is OK with this amount, but if you're going for every extra part it may be a little more.

      This is really just a security so we know we have enough money when the time comes to pay (the payment time is very short).

      Again, you'll get a full refund if you don't win the lottery.

    15. How many winners are there going to be in the lottery? :?
    16. No one has any idea. ;_;
    17. I was just reading through alchemiclabo (which is hard, using a translation program) and IF I am reading this correctly, here is the deal:

      June 1-5 Last lottery for old-type body
      This is the last pre-order for the dolls, and you can get some optional parts (just the usual ones - wig, HH feet, etc)

      July ? - ? Last lottery for optional parts only
      This is the one where you can get individual default faces or 'unkind treatment' faces.

      At least, that was what I was able to make out about it.

      I hope this helps. We /aren't/ in this pre-order able to get extra 'default' faces or 'unkind treatment' faces, although for those of you who have requested them we have kept your request in case I am wrong about that.

      And yes, every doll comes with a face. ^_^
    18. Hyla!!!! Thank you so much for posting this here!!!! I am so jazzed to think there is even a possibility of getting a Unoa girl!!!!



    19. :? This is for a kit right? At least thats what I thought it was. I don't care either way! I just want them!!!! LOL!

    20. Hello,
      Yes it is the kit. ^_^