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Unoa - range of wrist movement in 1.5 versus 1.0?

Feb 3, 2007

    1. Okay, well I just recently got my Unoa boy, who is an absolute dream and who I adore to pieces. :D

      But, one thing I've found is that he has really limited range of movement in his wrists. I can only get him to bend them a very, very short distance. :sweat However, when I complained about this to a friend, she said her Unoa (who is 1.0) has really good wrist movement. She sent me pics to compare, and I was really surprised.

      These are the pics she sent me:
      And honestly, if my Unoa boy could do that, I'd be SO happy. But he can't. :(

      The only thing we really noticed that's different is that my Unoa boy (who I assume is largely similar to the 1.5 girls - he has all the same added features they have) has a different S-hook in his wrist. I took a pic of it here:
      The wristhook in the Unoa 1 is sort of long and thin, quite different looking. So we were wondering if maybe that was what made the difference.

      I guess what I'm really wondering is, is this something that's just a problem with the Unoa boys? Or is it a problem with all 1.5s, boys AND girls? Or is this something that's only a problem with my Unoa boy and I've totally messed something up when stringing him? :o I would really love people's input!

      (I swear, I followed Araki's instructions when I assembled him!)
    2. I don't know how boys wrist look like but I can see big difference between my Unoas. Mori (Sist 1.0) has same movement range as Unoa on pictures. And Nori (Lusis 1.5) has limited range.
      I looked closely and apart from different hooks (1.0 has longer and less curvy) there's also difference in shape and lenght of ..emm.. wristhole (O.o.. this cut where hook is placed) Unoa 1.0 has it long and wide.. but Unoa 1.5 has a bit shorter and not so wide..(when I look on pictures boy has same as 1.5) its wider only in place where hook is placed..
      But I guess that main problem is this hook couse it blocks movement up more than down. And hook is curved up on upper side (sorry if it makes no sense XD)
    3. Yeah its the hook they used, and not the hand construction...or at least mostly the hook. I got a pair of option hands that have a long thin hook and they are more expressive.

      I'm planning on modding the hooks, compressing them a bit, but of course other projects are always first in line. ;)
    4. My Unoa has the same limited range but now is fixed and she can move her hands.

      The problem in mine was the S hook was bigget than the hole. What I did was flatten it a bit making it less round, also did it with the ankles S-hook and now move feet much better ^^
    5. ooh, good to know! i had been wondering about her range... just figured it had to do with unoa in general... *runs off to mod her s-hooks*
    6. Thanks so much for the input and advice, everyone. :D After reading your comments, I went and made some new, much thinner-shaped S-hooks out of some strong wire I had, and he now has MUCH better wristmovement than he had before -- I'm totally amazed at the difference! I think I will do his feet later as well, but the hands were the biggest problem for me.

      So yeah, if you have a 1.5 Unoa and dislike the limited wrist movement, just make thinner s-hooks! You will be totally surprised by the result. :D
    7. If anyone has some time (and a handy camera), I'd love to see a pic of a 1.0 S-hook, or a modded S-hook! Then we could all make 'em right! :)
    8. I have been reading this thread with interest. You are absolutely correct. My 1.0 has greater wrist motion as compared to my 1.5.

      The wires in my 1.0 are longer but appear to be a "softer" wire. One time I was carelessly pulling off a shoe and the wire came loose and got stuck in the lower leg. I almost had heart failure.

      I couldn't budge it. Eventually, I just kept pulling on the elastic (by this time I had unstrung the whole doll to release the tension). Thank goodness the wire was soft and malleable becaues it came out of the top knee part!

      Live and learn!
    9. Gelfling:
      Here are some pics that I had found at auction awhile back, showing some of the optional hands from the 1.0s... you can see very clearly the shape of the s-hook, it is much longer and narrower than the 1.5 s-hook:


      And here is a picture I just took of my Unoa boy's hand, now that I have given him new, thinner s-hooks. I basically just took some wire and shaped it with pliers:

      It has really improved his wrist mobility. :D

      I had heard from my friend that the wire in the 1.0s is quite soft.. maybe you could replace it with stronger wire that doesn't bend so easily? :)
    10. Thanks so much Cassiel! This helps me a LOT! I wonder why they changed the S-hooks in the first place? Hmmm....
    11. No idea, but it was definitely not the best move to make. :sweat

      Also, I forgot to mention.. in order to remove the old s-hook, and insert the new one, you will have to remove the rod in the wrist that the s-hook is attached to. You can see if you look that there's a hole on one side where it can slide in and out. I found that holding it in the middle with the pliers and pushing firmly in that direction made it come out fairly easily. In the same vein, when it's out, holding it with the pliers and pushing it back in makes it slot into place again very easily. I never pulled mine all the way out for fear of losing it... 2/3 the way was more than enough to remove/replace the s-hook.

      Anyway, just thought I'd add that and save you (and anyone else) some grief of figuring it all out. :)

    12. Yes, I think that is an excellent idea, especially after the softer wire winding up in her calf!
    13. oh wow.. I never thought about it, always saw different hooks in the option hands, didn't know it was a difference of 1.0 to 1.5. 2.0 has similar hooks to 1.0
    14. I love the long wire hook system that the Unoa 1.0 uses. I have modded a few of my other dolls to have it.
      I had a HUGE problem getting my 1.5 girl to stand yet after I put the old feet with the wires on, she stood fine.