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Unoa Rowan Discussion

Jan 18, 2018

    1. Unoa Quluts Rowan Metia / Prim
      1/3 Doll Height : 57cm
      Bust Size : 23cm
      Waist Size : 16.5cm
      Hip Size : 27cm
      Wig Size : 8-9in
      Eye Size : 16mm
      Feet Length : 7.5cm/2.9in


      Rowan was sculpted by Gentaro Araki, and will likely be available in March, 2018

      Her hands, feet, and chest part are compatible with the Unoa Zero.

      The open mouthed faceplate is named Prim. The closed mouth is Metia.
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    2. Ah, they are beautiful! And Prim is like a big Ange ~:aheartbea @Minda do you know how Rowan's chest, hand, and feet measurements compare to Zero? Also, any sign of heel feet?
    3. Hands and feet will be the same as the Zero. The feet are already heel feet, since they are the same feet as the zero and have the same range of motion.

      The chest is compatible with the Zero chest, meaning it has the same lower width, but the boobs themselves are much smaller.
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    4. Thanks, @Minda ! So what are the main differences between Zero and Rowan (other than the faceplates)?
    5. Pretty much everything! She's much shorter, her hips and thighs are much wider (so much butt!), her cup size is smaller, and even her calves are bigger!

      Also she has single jointed knees instead of the double in the Zero. Still has double jointed arms though.

      She's basically an enormous 1.5.
    6. Ah, she sounds wonderful!:D Everything I wasn't super crazy about in Zero sounds like it's been tinkered with. I look forward to seeing more photos! Hope she'll be released in Fairy Skin eventually~
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    7. Yes, because she'll be made by Alchemic Labo rather than Hobby Japan, all the color options should be available for Rowan eventually.
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    8. She's lovely -- a return to the Unoss aesthetic in a lot of ways, with her generous hips and thighs (but not the ginormous Unoss feet, which is probably a good thing).
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    9. Haha...yes indeed. She was actually made to be a composite of the Unoss and the Zero, and I think Araki accomplished that perfectly. I have a Unoss too, and the main complaint was always finding cute shoes in her size. But I think the feet are TOO small on the Zero and make her a bit wobbly. I've held a Rowan, and she seems much more stable than the Zero.
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    10. They are beautiful, loving the mixture of Unoss and Zero in them. I hope I will get Metia in paradise skin one day! <3
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    11. So uh, I've started keeping my eye out for outfits that would look good on these girls...>.< @Minda do you have any information on what common sizes these girls' measurements are similar to? I'd imagine they are closer to Fairyland's Feeple60 than, say, Volks SD10. I think Zero can share clothes with Soom's Super Gem, but it sounds like Rowan is more petite up top. FYI, I personally am only interested in dresses, so pants fit isn't really an issue for me.
    12. Wow! I was just day dreaming about a new version of zeros or unoss the other day. Dreams do come true! :XD: I hope they'll eventually have some B-grade ones available, I wouldn't mind putting together another Unoa kit myself. I was thinking of getting an Elder brother kit, but these girls are bigger and better for me..
    13. Lol. I am zero help there, since I only own Unoas - hopefully when UnoAlchemy gets some samples we can take proper measurements, but I don't have any clothing from any particular brand to try. Most of my stuff comes from Taobao, and sizing is anyone's guess.
    14. There will be B-grade Rowans in March...

      Though I have to say, lately UnoAlchemy stuff just gets a B-grade sticker put on it just to fill orders when it's really standard grade.
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    15. Haha, that's fine too! It'll be awhile, so I'll have to start saving up, but I'm excited to start seeing these girls.
    16. Awww, Unoss was one of my first dolly-loves, and 6-7 years ago they were so hard to find and expensive. So I got a Sist, which I still have and love.
      Metia is like that Unoss I always wanted, I love those sturdy legs so much!!! Lets see how my funds are in March ^_^
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    18. Ooh! What a delight seeing the new girl with your Unoss! When I saw them on Instagram, I had to do a double take. It’s like Araki is giving us a renewed Unoss and it’s wonderful! :love
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    19. Metia's lovely!:D Do you also have a sample Prim faceplate, @Minda ?
    20. I do, but I haven’t painted her yet and I have to head out for a work trip (for my real job) soon, so I won’t have a chance to get her photographed until the end of Feb. she’s gorgeous though. She’ll be a fan favorite, I think. I just connected with Metia first because she’s so like the Unoss (my fave).