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Unoa (sept.2004 pre-order) They are coming !

Jan 15, 2005

    1. Just got an email from Masamichi, mines are ready to ship !
      They are coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
      I'm so so happy !

      watch your inbox !!!!!!!!!! :grin:
    2. Hurray! I got the email too!! :grin:
    3. Mee too!
      Very excited...
      Did you get an ems number?
    4. Not yet ! I was asked to confirm shipping address...
      and you ?
    5. No, no EMS number yet...to me thats when they will really be shipped!
      Very excited - trying to clear my schedule so I can have plenty of time with my new kit
    6. exciting!! I cant wait for my parts :D
    7. Ahh :D You lucky ducks!

      XD Congrats.
    8. i just received my tracking number. get ready! they're shipping. :D
    9. Yes !!!
      Just got it !!!!
      Just can't wait now ! :wink:
    10. me too!
      Her flight is to JFK is tomorrow hope she dosent have problems with security!

      If you want to trace your package go here

      Really getting excited now, and Wynne is besides herself...boobies at last AND a sister too!
    11. Man I am SO jealous, you guys are lucky! Make sure you all post tonnsss of pics please!
    12. Oh ! my god !!! :o Oh my god !!! :o
      They're in France !!!!!!!!!! They're at the Roissy Airport (near Paris) !!!!
      Maybe the'll be home tomorrow or the day after ! Can't believe how fast they come !!!!!!

      happy happy dance !!!!
    13. That luck!
      Soon you will have it in house.
      Nobody knows when it sent Minako, or as it is going to do?
    14. Here! Just signed and was ready to hug the ems guy ....

      I will unwrap and take pics.....

      ::: JUMPS UPS AND DOWN :::::
    15. Mine came this afternoon too! KYAAH~ and this was after my normal mail came!
      I'm taking lots of pictures and putting my girl together very CAREFULLY :D :D :D

      Congrats to everyone!!!
    16. they are near me but not at home.... :(
      But... I checked the EMS tracking anf read that :" Consignee unknown at this address"
      NOOOO !!! i'm here !!!!! And they KNOW me !!!!!!!!!

      Why me !!!!! :evil:
    17. Mine arrived today at 1:30

      pics later....busy sanding
    18. They're home !!!!!!!! :grin:
      They didn't deliver yesterday because they were on strike ! :x

      Well, whatever, they're arrived safetly that's all that matters !
      Well... I'm gonna sand now ! :wink: