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Unoa Shoe Size?

Apr 12, 2006

    1. Hi! Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else, but I can't find it.
      Do MSD sized shoes and boots fit Unoa? Everything I can find on EBay says they fit MSD and Unoa so I'm not sure. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
    2. I think Unoa feet are slimmer, but roughly the same length. MSD shoes would probably look bulky on Unoas and not be a tight fit. There are shoes and boots specifically made for the Unoa-proportioned dolls out there, but I think a lot of people use MSD shoes as well.
    3. like twigling said, msd shoes tend to look a little bulky with unoas slim legs, but its really down to preference.

      Try Luts for mini fee shoes, they are slimmer and should fit just right!
    4. Cutie Delf shoes also fit Unoa as well too. ^^
    5. leeke and dollheart fit fine. Some styles might be a tiny bit big but once you add socks your all set.
    6. anyone know of any high heel type shoes that fit unoa?
    7. http://www.dollheart.com/shop/shoes/MS-37.jpg

      These have heels and look very nice on and fit nice on unoa. They come in white, pink and black. They are doll heart shoes. leeke world has quite a few leeke size shoes with heels and they fit unoa too! really nice styles but high shipping for leeke so you might want to watch the market place for a group order.
    8. Aaaack... that link! so many nice pairs of shoes!! :D Is there any way to get these overseas?? *doesn't read korean...*
    9. look at the eluts site !! under mini fee shoes area they have some and also the mini fee shoes will fit unoa too.
    10. they have some at Luts , but not all of them (I love the LadyBug shoes and the Saki boot , thats been unavailable at Luts for ages :( )
      Sienna ..VisaVis on DOA can also order them

      they are gorgeous quality too:) I have the little red shoes with the double red strap ...gorgeous
    11. Will kid delf shoes fit Unoa too? i looked at the sizes and there doesn't seem to be much of a difference, has anyone tried them out?
      I'm asking because i've heard that the Leroi and Unoa have roughly the same sized feet :)
    12. Do you think they'd be willing to put together a group order? I REALLY need some of those shoes for Soda! :D
    13. Hi there! girls noone mentions the size of the feet of a unoa doll though! and since I am waiting for mine...can anyone tell me the measurement of her feet?