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Unoa Update from Crecent :)

Apr 18, 2006

    1. http://www.crescent-shop.com/cgi-bin/news/news.cgi?vew=2

    2. That's great news for all those waiting for their babies.

      BTW How much does 1 Unoa cost in total if ordered through CS? I'm just curious 'cause I think that I might order a Unoa Sist through the next preorder instead of shelling out double the price on Ebay/Yahoo/etc.
    3. Sist kit US$ 430.00
      Sist kit with a larger breast parts US$ 470.00

      Lusis kit US$ 430.00
      Lusis kit with a larger breast parts US$ 470.00

      The shipping charge per one doll is
      - Zone#1 Asia US$ 27.50
      - Zone#2 North America, Middle America, Middle East & Oceania US$ 35.00
      - Zone#3 Europe US$ 40.00
      - Zone#4 South America & Africa US$ 62.50

    4. Thanks Aya. So that would be 510 US$ for Belgium. I'll keep that in mind when the next preorders happen.
    5. Any idea when the next pre-order will be? Summer or winter-time?
    6. i think winter... but it may just be boys, or araki's new girls, eep!! i would love a lusis...:love
    7. I think the next preorder will be for the boys, since it looks like Araki might be alternating boy-girl-boy-girl. Unless he decides to release milk and choco *_*
    8. Has anyone heard anything about a preorder for 1.5 optional parts? Since it looks like some of the optional faceplates might not fit the 1.5 girls. (although I swore I read somewhere that araki said they would)
    9. I asked for option parts last week, they said there are no option parts, could be that they didnt know, i had problems understanding the message...:( any one else hear something?
    10. On Arakis site there is something mentioned about possibility of such parts.. but it says nothing more that they might be avalible in spring 2006.. (if not summer.. ^^')

      Btw.. is it me.. or part of this topic vanishes once in a while ? ^^'
    11. Please refer to the Rules regarding "chat" posts in the News threads -


      If you are wanting to discuss personal aspects of this current shipping, there is a thread here -


      Please feel free to begin a new thread in the appropriate forum regarding Unoas, if you're posting about something outside the realm of this or the Incoming Doll thread.
    12. i recieved the email requesting to address updates! Masamich, in his email, said he will ship out immediately! I replied- YES!

      Looks like there will be an unoa influx soon!

    13. i know this topic's been dead for awhile, but i was wondering if there was any word about the optional parts - will there be a pre-order? or is yahoo japan the best bet? thanks ^^
    14. Are they still selling the Unolas? PReferably Azurite.
    15. As far as I know, no, the UnoLa's aren't sold or produced anymore.