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Unoa version 1.5

Sep 15, 2005

    1. Araki's site says the next order for Lusis and Sist with 1.5 version body will be before the end of the year, did I miss the announcement?
    2. I hope for a mid sized default chest for the new version, that way version one will have its own special quality the semi flat chest!

      Also hoping for a less yellow resin color on the new version.

    3. Well a brand new unassembled Sist just sold (about 30 minutes ago) on YJ for 71,000 (oops might have been 75,000)... so somewhere between $700 and $750. Mostly they are a LOT more than that... here.. on eBay or on Yahoo. So there is hope.

      I guess info will be posted here when the pre order info is out.
    4. Using a translator, in the page of preorder thay said:
      " 5 period common summary
      It is reservation acceptance in the private page on this site.
      Not yet paint is only edition.
      The accessory and packing as for 1 - 4 periods become part modification.
      Price is same."
      I don't understand if we can or cannot preorded accessories *_*
      hahahaha maybe I don't even own the money for the doll ^^;
      and it seems they will cast a "more red" resin also.

      yippiiieeeee I'm so exited *__*
    5. yay! hope this time I can order my Unoa :D :D :D :D

      went to the page and translated it with the webtranslator and finally there is something cleared about new bodies:

      I'm very excited!! :cow
    6. Sorry, my brain is fried. Probably it means the old ones will gor for less. But I have noticed already they go for less on YJ than 3-4 months ago.
    7. It says in the site they don't know yet whether they will sell optional parts at the same time.
      It also says that they will first sell a limited quantity of "untested" new Unoas, through a lottery, which may or may not be slightly lower quality than the regular new Unoas they will sell at a later date, through a non-lottery pre-order, but before the end of the year anyway. Delivery of the "untested" Unoas may be before the end of the year or next year, they don't know yet ; delivery of the pre-ordered ones will be next year.

      Also it says there will be some change from the old Unoas in packaging and accessories that come with the doll.

      That the old busts can't be used on the new body, the old face plates can, but the new body will be slightly redder so the skin tone will not match exactly.
    8. Well you can pretty much guess you will pay and wait 3-5 months for the doll.
    9. Do you think the new Unoa (Well the new version) will be a very limited run? Say, only two or three orders? I was wondering, I love the bodies for a smaller sized doll. If I could put Alice's head on a Unoa body, blush her a little bit.. fantastic.
      Sorry Serendipity, your body is cute but I want double jointed arms.

      Hmm.. Now to think of it, I was browsing YHJ and the price for Unoa seemed to be going down. That's good news for those who've wanted one for a while.
    10. I'm hoping for the secondary market on old unoas to fall apart completely :wiggle I really love the flat chest and desperately want a sist, but there is no way I am paying the kind of prices they have been selling for here and ebay. Customs charges on top of $1400 would kill me!
    11. No they are not cheaper.
    12. Isn't a preorder Unoa kit about $600, so by definition, they would be basically half the price they've been going for. I doubt Araki will be selling them for $1400/pop, since he's never done that before.
    13. I meant $1400 for the old body ones like they have been selling for here and ebay. I want the flat chest! so I'm hoping when the new ones come out I can pick up an old one for a reasonable and not insane price
    14. Is that the new word for "large milk part"? Gotta love the translators. But this is good news for all, and the wallets cry out again in pain and starvation.
    15. Yup :) I prefer the old description better though... The visulization isn't quite the same...
    16. Actually, I think that's supposed to mean "pelvic region" -- they're saying that the boys and girls are different in front, as I read it!

      -- A :)

      P.S. "Large Milk Part" still cracks me up every time I think of it!!
    17. Babel Fish says: Milk part ----> Here
      Biz Lingo says: fore buttocks ---> Here

      If you roll down a bit you will see that both means the same *big breast* part :daisy
    18. If it was like last time we wont be able to do the lottery anyway, at least not with Crescent. Celga did do the lottery for the old dolls, but not for the optional parts, and even then no one won. So chances are we will be in for the regular pre order next year.

      Thank you Biscuitbear for the translation, I am so excited that we will be able to use the face plates! So the new kids can wink , and scowl, hopefully blushing will hide the color difference.

      I am excited about the new bodies and wonder if the girl is on version 1.5 what bodies are being shipped with the boys on order?
    19. Are we sure this isn't about the official pre-order on the boys, because I can tell from this translation that it is about girls in particular. It does say - I think- that the large but isn't compatible with this body. But maybe they are talking about a boy body. And wasn't alchemic lab going to have there own preorder for boys with out hobby japan before they did another round of the girls.
      I really want a girl, but maybe we could get some help from cresent shop on this announcement?