Update Unoalchemy August Open order!

Aug 22, 2019

    1. Hey everyone!!

      We at UnoAlchemy will now be taking orders for ALL AVAILABLE Alchemic Labo STOCK!! That means ALL colors of unoa, all sizes, all dolls! ✨

      There are a couple of colors or dolls already sold out at the moment, so we’ll let you know here:

      SOLD OUT:

      Chibi Unoa Roron body: not available in TAN or BLUE skin
      FAIRY skin Unoa 1.5 girl bodies
      FAIRY skin Unoa elder sister bodies

      Other than that we should have all Alchemic Labo dolls, faces and prts available!!

      Prices INCLUDING international shipping are as follows

      Chibis, girls, boys - ¥40.000.-
      Elder brothers and sisters - ¥43.000.-
      Rowan - ¥89.000.-
      Face plates - ¥5.000.-
      Hands and feet - ¥3.000.-
      Small parts - ¥1.500.- each (in sets of 2 or more)

      At the moment we do not have any stock of the new Unoa Light dolls or dolls that were produced by Hobby Japan and/or discontinued. We hope to have updates on Hal and Aki soon!!

      Email us at [email protected] or check out our website, Unoalchemy.com

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