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Unoss - Clothes?

May 28, 2006

    1. Ok I did a search and found alot of info on what shoes to buy that will fit a Unoss but what I'd love to know is what clothes will fit her!

      I want to get my girl some clothes in the future when I've saved up, and I love Luts clothes and was wondering if they would fit at all? Is there anywhere else that sells clothes that would fit Unoss?

      Thanks for any help regarding this, and if I've missed a topic on ths please direct me too it as I've been searching for about an hour and a half and couldn't find anything except what shoes and eyes work with them! ^^;

      edit: Any typos I make are due to my laptop, sorry, still getting used to the flatter keys that it has! ^^;;;
    2. For the brief period I had a unoss I found that she can fit into _some_ sd13 girl things if they are loose. She typically wears SD13 boy bottoms though but can wear sd/sd13 girl tops. You don't find many things made specifically for Unoss except the occasionally ooak outfit on DoA, ebay or Y!J.
    3. Yes, she does have trouble fitting into many, especially SD10 clothing. That's mainly why I let my girl go. They were just so limited when produced that not many people make clothing for them. And since I can't find time to sew I needed to have girls that could fit standard made clothing.

      I noticed that their legs are larger compared to regular SD13's. Every once in a while I see an outfit on Ebay specifically for them.
    4. I'd look at Elfdoll clothes for the Rainy girls, actually. Unoss girls have the same "sizable thighs" thing the Rainy girls have going on, and they seem to be quite bosomy too, which the Rainy girls can be as well. I think Unoss girls are slimmer of waist, though...

      On that note, maybe DD clothes would fit...? DDs are bosomy and hippy, and very slim waisted. The DD are most likely more bosomy than the Unoss...

      I'd compare measurements between the Rainy girls, the DD and your Unoss and see if they are in the same ballpark. Good luck! :daisy
    5. Well I bought my Unoss and she came with DD clothes which fit her, I guess it's more of a case of experimentation with Unosses.

      I will not sell my girl though cause of this, just makes me more determined to find her clothes that will work! XD
    6. Well Luts boys pants and tops fit my Unoss (i also sold as i couldn't get on with her large proportions, i thinks its psycological as i feel the need to diet myself LOL)
      I did get some Luts girl outfits on her, but say in an outfit comprising 5 items, only 2 or 3 would fit.
      Hope this helps a little,
    7. My girl (Unoss Aika) is wearing a Dollmore SD13 dress right now. It fits her perfectly. Dresses with a bodice and full skirt are the best fit and there's no guesswork.

      She's rather pear-shaped and womanly, so look for pants with some stretch in them.

      Some Dollmore Model shorts and short skirts fit her, too. But, Unoss is a little smaller than the DM model in the hips and she has Thunder Thighs!

      Shoes are the biggest problem. It's very hit and miss. SD13 boys usually fit and some shoes that are specifically sold as fitting her. Sometimes Poshdolls have them.

      Unoss is s good reason to learn how to sew. Good luck in your hunt. ;)
    8. My Unoss owns a specially made Mio outfit which I may end up selling because my girl is in an AnotherSpace outfit now and she just loves it. It's one of the SD13 girl outfits that sold last year. It fits her just fine. I'll add a picture later.

      Boots and shoes are definitely harder to find because they need to be SD13 Boy size but I wanted girl shoes!
    9. Clothes are a bit iffy, since she's small up top - small busomed, petit ribcage and slim sholders, but large below - wide hipped and with sizable thighs.

      Strechy things are always a good bet, but generally one can say that she needs dainty tops - she can wear MSD T-shirts, but she needs bottoms that are a bit roomy, and certainly bottoms that have a large enough opening to slide over her thighs!

      My husband's Unoss has had the unfortunate experience of having to abstain from skirts that would fit her hips and upper thighs, but have too narrow openings and won't slide over her lower thighs!

      Shoes are worse than clothes, though. Much worse! :barf
    10. I can fit my Unoss into DD clothes, and some SD13 and SD16 clothes (make sure they don't have small hand openings, though). I go with mostly DD stuff. :)

      Oh, and speaking of shoes, Luts SD13 shoes can fit her big ol' feets.
    11. I can't believe I have to ask this but...what does DD stand for?
    12. Dollfie Dream. They're non-resin Volks dolls. :)
    13. lol ahh ok yeah I know them!! Thanks;)