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Unoss Discussion Thread

Dec 9, 2009

    1. I have searched high and low for a Unoss discussion thread and can not find one. There is a database, small, but posted, so maybe there is not enough interest for a discussion thread, but if you want to chat about her, bump this up! I sure could use some help with shoes...
    2. Why am I all over those threads...? :blush

      Clothes, as I point out in the last of the threads Twiglink listed, is iffy but not impossible.
      Shoes however.... Most of the suggestions in the above threads are defunct. Minoru no longer sells larger shoes, Angelregion and Poshdolls no longer exist, and I certainly can't find any "Luts shoes for boys in girl styles". :|

      My husband's Mira has her trusty old Minoru shoes, a pair of cool SD13 boy boots by Dollheart, and handmade shoes.

      Not much help, I'm afraid. :sweat
    3. She can for the most part wear SD13 boy shoes and possibly also shoes for the new larger girls out there, such as Mecha Angels and maybe EID Jessica.
    4. Hmmm... I wish I had someone in my vicinity who had a female Mecha Angel or EID... I'll se if I can ask my good friend OldMagician, who owns a male MA, to try a pair of his boy's shoes on The Dragon's Mira.
    5. I would love to know how many members currently/still have an Unoss.
      I'm seriously considering trying to attain an unmodded Unoss:sweat and
      have a lot of questions but there simply is no activity or outdated info
      in those threads, so I was really happy to see this new thread today!!
      What is a reasonable asking/buying price for an unmodded Unoss?

      The fact that it's harder to find clothes/shoes that fit her doesn't help
      in my decision...I have enough dolls that are still wearing their default
      outfits because of this problem:doh While I would love to make clothes
      (even shoes) for her I would still like to see a DH outfit & know it will
      fit. Currently there's a dress from Anotherspace2 that I like, while the
      bust might be loose I'm wondering how the waist would fit...

      I look forward to seeing this thread grow:D
    6. I seem to recall having paid USD $1,200 plus transatlantic shipping for my Mira (a used, unmodified Seina U-noss fullset, still with her original faceup) when I purchased her here on DoA three years ago.

      From the few unmodded Unosses that now and again pop up on Y!J, I'd say that is a bit less than what one would need to expect to pay nowadays for a fullset in reasonably good condition.

      As for clothes and shoes, well ... every now and again, something useful turns up on Y!J. Increasingly rarely though, or so it seems.
    7. Quiet Queen, I think Mecha feet are even bigger than Unoss feet, or at least longer but maybe narrower. I'm working from memory here as I sold my Unoss several years ago, and it's been a while since I had a Mecha body too.

      Lula78, the waist on Unoss is quite narrow and her hips are about as wide as on an average SD13/60cm type boy. I think she would wear girl tops and boy bottoms, but now that there are other girls with wider hips, finding pants shouldn't be too hard. I wish Araki or Volks would do a re-release of Unoss... I think there were more floating around on the secondary market at a reasonable price a few years ago, but now that market has mostly dried up, and when they do come up they sell as "rare" not "used" or "junk".
    8. On Y!J Unosses in good conditions go for ridiculously low prices nowadays... They don't come up very often, but I've seen a few that simply didn't sell!

      I second the wish that Araki/Volks would re-release the Unoss sculpt... They are gorgeous dolls, and having an Unoss with a bit more advanced mechanics would be lovely!

      Re: Mecha Angel shoes - it isn't the length I'm worried about, it's the width! Unosses have such very, very wide feet...

      As for clothing... Unfortunately I haven't got any good pictures, but have a look at Mira in this nifty outfit:

      That's a made for SD little top, severely pinned back under her hair to make it fit her slender ribcage, and the best ever made-for-Unoss jeans.

      You can get some idea of the pants Mira is wearing on this picture - she's the last in the row. What makes the pants to die for is the fact that they are curve hugging and fairly low waisted. I don't think you'd get that with SD13 boy pants.
    9. Just got back in from out of town, with no internet access, so glad to see there are a couple of us Unoss owners out there up for a bit of a chat about our girls!
      I have been able to fit a few pairs of shoes on my Unoss girl, and have ordered several pair that are here, but that I have not had time to play with yet. I have some souldoll SD13 boy shoes that fit quite nicely, but find that dollheart sd13 boy shoes are too small. The toughest thing that I have come across is that the foot might fit, but the calf is too big to fit in most boots.
      She wears my Zero's skirts well, but Zero's leather vests and jackets are too big. I will be doing some outfits/separates on bjdclothes.com that will work perfectly for Unoss, but I have a very specific style, and I design because I want to, not to pay the mortgage, so if you don't dig my style, my goods may not appeal. I'm just playing, so I'll stick to what's fun for me, rather than branch out with more "marketable" designs.
      I bought my Unoss on the 2nd hand market, and am crazy about her. Part of the appeal to me is that her body is not typical, not perfectly proportioned and not skinny! I love her hips and thighs, and think she's terribly cute with a little bit of that chunky thigh showing between her skirt and stockings.
      Quiet Queen, where are those pant from? Your Mira is sa-weet!!!!
      Lula78, I just bought my Unoss on the 2nd hand market, and have to say, she is one of my faves. I'm so in love with my Zero it's hard for anyone to detract me from her, but the Unoss has a very different look, and she is just gorgeous. I'm so happy that I made the investment-she's really something special.
      I third the wish that Araki/Volks would re-release the Unoss sculpt-the no-joint torso is a struggle for me to pose (not a great poser anyway), and I find I don't feel comfortable carting her around as much as I'd like to. My dream come true would be the same body sculpt, but more poseable and able to work with my current darling's head.
    10. It's wonderful to hear someone talk with such love about this quirky and wonderful doll...!

      Mira, however, isn't mine - she's very much my husband's girl! My husband is The Dragon.

      The jeans are from Y!J, we buy 90% of all stuff from there...
    11. Wow! You have given me the most brill idea! I am buying my husband the next doll I want! Seriously, my husband makes the funniest observations about my dolls lately. It's taken him awhile, but he's starting to appreciate the art form. He loves my Unoss' chunky thighs. He pointed out recently how cute she looked with a little thigh showing! Yep, next doll I need, I'll buy for him! I hope he shares...
    12. Ooooh, Unoss talk! I just love my Aika. I bought her in 2005 from a lady in Japan who had a dressmaking business. My girl came with a new Volks carry bag and a huge trunk of clothes including shoes (mostly babydoll type but pretty) and wigs. She has kimonos and hanboks galore. and a ton of lolita Victorian style clothes. I'll do a photo shoot of some of them one day.

      I did find one pair of high heel Dollheart shoes for her, but pretty, feminine shoes are hard to come by. her feet are so wide! and those big hands sometimes can't fit into armholes/sleeves.

      She's very pear-shaped. This photo shows her in an MHD dress which is loose at the top but flowing enough to fit her hips. If I weren't so busy I'd make her some jeans.

      I love my girl's un-sanded face with her original resin brows and lashes. although it's time for a makeover paint-wise.


      Here she is in one of the dresses she came with. It's from a scene in my first video - before I got into stop motion and animation. (see signature link for my Unoss in two movies.)

    13. Yeah for Unoss discussion!

      I just bought a pair of Dale Rae flats made for Dollmore Model Dolls. They are an excellent fit without the bulk. That is, if you like this simple style. Dale Rae has a sale on their Model Doll shoes right now.

      As far as unoss price, I got my full set for $975.00. Paid $150 for a new costume and wig set. But, I did buy an unmodded head on YJ for about $400 including fees.
    14. About shoes - I had a look at Mecha Angel shoes, which according to Soom's measurements ought to fit an Unoss width-wise - the trouble is that they are almost twice as long as her feet.... :sweat
    15. Alright, I love my Unoss girl, but the body is keeping me from playing with her much! The no joint torso is tough for me to work with. Anyone ever considered hybriding their Unoss with a more functional body? I'm def considering it now. I love her chunky thighs and hips, and even her big hands, but I think I might just pop her head on a more functional body and place her real body back in the box!
    16. Unoss on a different body won't be this same doll. I'm having my girl repainted now and I really hope that I'll be finally happy with her. I once tried her head on SD10 and SD10 but it looks just bad
    17. There are plenty of hybrids out there - search the Gallery and the Database thread and you'll find a few - but I do agree with marti... So much of what makes Unoss a unique doll is the body. You can put the head on another body, you might gain posability, but you'll lose much of the Unossness.
    18. I think that it'll be a better idea to mod the body to make it more poseable. it's a thing to do without a problem. I was thinking about doing it myself, but in the end I've decided not. this doll is too special to mess with her
    19. I am delighted to see this thread!!!

      I have many dolls, but Tabris, my Unoss is my favourite - here are photos of Tabris on my flickr When I get a chance, I'll post newer photos in the gallery.

      I still need to get around to making sandals for her.