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Unoss/Unoa like child tiny?

Oct 3, 2006

    1. I have decided that I need a tiny. And that that tiny should look like a baby Unoss or Unoa. Do they exist?

      I, sadly, do not know tinies very well and am at a complete loss as to which one to get. In my story that my gang seems to be playing out my Unoss Lilia has a kid. But there are no tinies that look like they could be realated to her.

      To be in scale they'd probably have to be Leeke/yo-SD sized...

    2. Have you tried to take a look at Latidoll.com? They have very, very cute tiny dolls. I don't think they look much like Unoss or Unoa though. :(
    3. Wow
      that would be something
      but ..none spring to mind
      Narsha maybe ? she is a little taller than you want , but has a haunting quality about her
    4. But if you are looking for slim, what about Lucy, or Fairy Elf?
    5. I haven't really seen any tinies that resemble Unoa or Unoss in any way :\ they just have their own look really
    6. Someone hereabouts was saying that Domuya's Potpourri was a little U-Noa like.

      I don't really see it myself but... worth a look?

      (click on my .sig if you want)

    7. She looks a bit like a little Lusis :)
      She's very cute - I never seen her before!
    8. I think LaTiDOLL Pury looks just like a little baby Lusis! :D


      She has the same slighty droopy eyes and little poofy pouting lips! Even her mouth is slightly open like Lusis! If I ever got a tiny I'd get a Pury because she reminds me of my Lusis so much! ^_^
    9. Here is Domuya Potpourri - no body pics though.

      Product includes:
      1 Domuya-O.N.E. Doll with Potpourri headmold.
      Acrylic eyes.
      Doll is approx. 30cm tall.
      Make up and wigs optional.
      "FLEXI-TYPE" Body
      Outfits NOT Included.
      For more pics, please visit www.domuya.com


      Here are more photos on this Yahoo auction but body below is not hers:


      BTW - I don't know if Cumi is too small to be an MSD's baby, but she is totally cute:

    10. Thank you all so much for your help.

      They're all just so very cute! :love :reapeat to self: I am only getting one tiny...only getting one...just one...really...

      I can see the similarities in Potpourri, so far if I really get one that looks like my Unoss, and not just one of the uber-tooth-rotteningly-cute ones she's the front runner.
    11. Hi Nodel!
      What you want is a BANJI! They're by Dollmore, not too awfully expensive, they're exquisitely crafted and have several different faces you can choose from nowadays. Their bodies and hands are very curvy/expressive/realisitc like Unoas/Unoss.

      Good luck!

      PS: I also recommend, of course, the Unolas! They're tiny, though not very childlike!
    12. oh yeah, she does look like it.
      if only her lip parts a bit wider and have small teeth ooh..
      i know someone would want to mod her^^
    13. Could that be done? If so, I would love one too!