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unsatisfactory transaction with Laidoll -BEWARE-

Jul 9, 2008

    1. I am posting this on behalf of my friend since her english isn't so good.

      My friend saw this 200$ full set doll on Laidoll and wanted to buy it. She gathered up her money and gave it to my boyfriend so he would pay via his Paypal. The payment passed and everything seemed ok. Though we paid, we got NO tracking number either.

      two weeks later, my friend comes to me telling me that she cannot contact the people from Laidoll and that their website disappeared! Hearing that, I posted a thread on DOA on 04-07-2008 ( http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=207045 ) to ask for advice on what I should do. Some members PMed me with contact information and their story about Laidoll.

      I never was able to contact anybody, I never ever got a reply from the Laidoll ppl. Being told that it wasn't the first time that the website and the people of Laidoll disappear, my boyfriend opened a dispute. We waited, but no sign of the doll or any contact from the person.

      At last resort we upped the dispute into a claim and ultimately won my friend's money back. But NEVER did Laidoll contacted either me or my friend!

      I feel very sad for my friend has it was her very first doll and she can't have it because she got scammed.

      So I just wanted to post this here on her behalf.