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Nov 17, 2020

    1. this may already be a thread but i couldn’t find it, though i’m not the best at wording things so that may be why, haha. if so, i apologize!

      what are your favorite “unnatural” resin color(s) and/or companies? (like, for example, mint green, red, pink / who sells them, etc). granted, i may be mistaken, but i believe i seen black cherry dolls sell these kinds of colors, for instance (?)

      i’ve seen maybe a handful of uncommon colors like these, and, even though i’m more of a “realistic style” fan, i absolutely love seeing what people do with their dolls like this! but it seems they’re a bit difficult to find. :sigh plus, i think it would be quite fun to maybe one day make an oc of mine who is a demon with a rich, red skin color. i’d love to hear your thoughts! i hope this made sense :sorry
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    2. My favorite "unnatural" tone would be a soft pastel purple like the one Soom used for Petite Gem Leepy. :D I really love a nice mint/pastel blue too like rap1993 used for Anie/Mae! I wish more companies offered colors like this, I know Fairyland has offered pink and pastel violet for some of their fantasy parts and the Hippogriff but I'd love a pastel purple Minifee.~
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    3. Ah! I love this question and want to see all the answers as well!
      The idea of a rich red skin is absolutely enchanting! Do you have more details in your vision such as eye and/or hair color? How fun.

      I really liked the deep red tone used by Little Rebel dolls. It would be perfect for some kind of fire sprite or demon character! you can see it here if you are interested :)
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    4. I love green, especially pastel green or mint.

      Resinsoul does a fairly nice green but it's more of a kelly green. Gem of Doll and Doll Chateau do a softer minty green which is beautiful but the prettiest one i've seen is the stunning mint tone that Dollpam did. Luts have done a lovely soft greenish tone as well.

      Pale green is my weakness hahah.
      I want ALL the green dollies.
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    5. I want more red dolls! I have a Resinsoul Mu in red, but he's more brick colored than the rich red I wish he was. I love him so much, bit I forsee a dying in his future.

      Grey has to be be my favorite "common" uncommon color. I think 90% of dolls look good in grey. I want to own some someday.
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    6. @Riftress posted a wonderful grey doll around halloween time.. in a very artistic Cheshire Cat costume. Definitely check out her doll to make you swoon more for the grey color!
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    7. pastels? omg sign me up, i absolutely looove pastels and i’d sooo make a dreamy aesthetic minifee!!!

      ahaha thank you so much!!! i’m kind of surprised anyone was interested in my vision at all haha. i’ve always pictured her with just the basic jet black hair and i think, as for eyes, definitely black-red or black-yellow, just to emphasize that she’s a demon? as if it weren’t already obvious from her red skin lol

      like i’d give her those really long demon nails and the tips of her limbs would have a black gradient? i’m not the most creative so she definitely sounds a bit basic :( her name is xenevera! :)

      oh my, thank you so much!!! that’s like, exactly the skin color i had in mind!!! now i know who to save up for next :chibi
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    8. It's a real joy to "hang out" here with other crafters - I love to hear about your vision!
      I wonder what it would look like if you were able to find black/yellow eyes that had sparkles in them, maybe it would make her look even more mischievous! Maybe her long demon nails could have some yellow nail art as well to tie in the yellows, or a small bright yellow gemstone hairclip in her black hair!

      No pressure of course! I just love to ideate and create with people :)
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    9. oh no worries at all, i’m actually really glad someone is interested enough to brainstorm with me!

      i seriously love tying the little bits of yellow into her design, it makes her color palette so much more... palatable (?), especially since i pictured her with expensive tastes. she would certainly benefit from some gold accents to go along with it, too, now that i think about it... thank you for suggesting that, otherwise i wouldn’t have even thought of that!

      definitely can picture her in black-yellow sparkly eyes - it’s like, how she was meant to be! :D maybe a few, small, yellow / golden occult-y tattoos on her to add to it? or would that be too much?

      ahh... all of this brainstorming is making me absolutely positive that i want to see her in doll form...:drool
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    10. I'm glad you like it! I just think it's a really pretty shade of red lol I'd love a doll that shade. Unfortunately, IDK if Little Rebel still offers red resin (I feel bad sending that example now, I just realized it might be kinda bad form to show something that might be unavailable now)... It said it's a limited edition color on their site and everything's currently out of stock, so I recommend setting a search alert of red little rebel dolls on eBay or something! The beauty of eBay is, if you wait long enough, what you're waiting for will probably eventually show up lol
      (this is the link of the shop listing where I got the image in my original post; as you can see, it's sold out. Boy bust (1/3) - Little Rebel Doll)
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    11. My favorite has to be the Lavender from Peakswoods! It's so gentle, but depending on the lighting, it can be a very subtle, light color, almost passing for a "regular" tone and others appears much more purple. It has wonderful versatility (in the photos I've seen!) but sadly Peakswoods charges an extra 100$ for special resin colors :pout:
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    12. Black Cherry did do a limited release ! There was a red, a light pink, and a pastel blue. I got a red Brownie :-)

      I didn't think I would like fantasy colors going into the hobby, but now I have several on my wishlist. I really love the soft fantasy colors from Dust of Dolls also— I've loved every resin color I've seen from them. My favorites would have to be... their Myosotis blue, Agave green, and the purple-ish grey (I think it's called Lilas?)

      I'm just trying to figure out how to properly blush a doll with cherry red resin now :sweat
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    13. thanks for letting me know!! i looked them up after you suggested them to me and seen that they were sold out, but that’s okay! surely, waiting would turn something up, haha! maybe one day i’ll actually get around to sculpting my own little demon girl :evilplot:

      awh, best of luck to you! i think i had just missed that sell, but i look forward to seeing what will come of your beautiful sculpt!

      that’s the one thing bad about the fantasy colors :...( from what i’ve seen they normally cost extra! but i suppose when the color is pretty enough, it’ll all be worth it in the end :)
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    14. I totally forgot about Peakswoods' lovely lavender! I also love how subtle it is, that's so sad to hear they charge so much extra for it. I was really close to getting a lavender Rosemii blossom I think she was, and I still randomly regret not doing it to this day. v.v One day I'll have the perfect lavender lady!
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    15. If you’re looking for red, I believe Bobobie/Resinsoul sell dolls in that color.

      My personal favorite would be the soft grays. Depending on the company, they can look a little more on the purplish side or even closer to the green side. Kaye Wiggs sells dolls in gray skin, and also blue and pink. Her gray is lovely. Very soft.

      I once had a Bambicrony girl in gray French resin. She looked more purple in color. Very pretty girl. Unfortunately, because it was French resin, she yellowed pretty badly and it was very uneven. Environmental resin is more stable to use for fantasy colors.
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    16. Oh yes for sure - the gold accents would be magnificent! Your description makes me think that she is very confident, and knows how to take good care of herself.. she deserves that golden jewelry! :dance

      I think the tattoos could be very cool too. If you're worried they could look like too much, you could add little bits slowly over time and see how you feel. When I'm designing things, I try to be very aware of that "point of perfection" before details become overwhelming. That's a big part of the fun of it! Maybe you could test with some stickers or something before committing, at least to see "how much" looks good, even if the stickers aren't the right shape, the visual/color could help you plan.

      I'm so glad you're feeling inspired!!!
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    17. My favourite resin colours are cherry red, obsidian, light purple, light green and blue. Virtually all of those either came or are coming from Twigling, or were dyed by me!
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    18. I love green and blue dolls! I don’t buy fantasy colors myself but I love seeing other people’s fantasy colors.

      ResinSoul will cast in any custom color you want. I once had them cast a doll in jet black for me, though I no longer own her. Impldoll will also do custom colors! Islam doll has offered blue, I think and Loongsoul has cast some of their limited dolls in fantasy colors. Tamikan Space does almost strictly fantasy colors, but their dolls are only available in certain ordering periods.
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    19. Ah I also wanted a Lavender Rosemii! Maybe someday we'll have her!
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    20. Here is Esme, an emerald green Dollshe Ausley Love, coming to join the party!

      (link to picture on Instagram -->)

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