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Unusual free gifts

Dec 8, 2009

    1. I recieved an order from Dollmore today and had some lovely free gifts (the nicest a Christmas stocking) but also a sort of odd one, a face mask (like the onese used to combat grems) It made me smile as it was such and unusual and unexpected gift :lol:

      I wondered if anyone else has had other unusual gifts like this.
    2. lol that's funny....hmm the only one i've received that could be skewed as odd was the dollmore rice crackers, they were tasty ^^
    3. When Dollmore added some candies to my first package, it was a little surprise to me, too :) Last time they put a little lovely postcard with an envelope. Of course, they always add their own postcards, but this one was just simply made in Korea, and has nothing to do with Dollmore.
    4. haha. I also got a facemask from dollmore. I'm not quite sure why.
    5. Maybe they sent those facemasks to prevent your dolls from catching a swine flu. ^^

      I've also received some cookie-thingies from Dollmore.
      I haven't eaten them 'cause they are just too cute to be eaten. ;.;

      E:// Oh! It was human size? Ahww.. That's boring. But weird. o.o
    6. wouldn't it be more like to prevent us from geting swine flu? They're human size not doll size. And I'm a little scared to eat the cookies they sent cause I can't read what's in them.
    7. the star ones right? EAT THEM! those are good ~ :D i am going to korea this sat and i am gonna grab a few packets home :D

      equine-aurora>> they are rice crackers :) i bought a packet from the korean supermarket here(very expensive if imported) and i gobbled them all in one week ahahah

      i got facemasks too which is quite thoughtful of them since the h1n1 virus is rampant there..
    8. the rice crackers were yummy :)

      I was surprised by the mask too, but then you see a lot of people wearing them in public in asia (personally I only use them when I'm doing surgeries in the lab).
    9. yes I got rice crackers as free gift as well ^^
      they were tasty, but I wasn't expecting anything like that :lol:
      I really liked them though..
    10. I just thought of a practical use for the mask...wear it when sanding down the seams in the resin! ;)

      I got the star crackers, too. VERY yummy! And I got the dipsticks with candy coating from another company...can't remember now.

      Dollmore also sent along a post card and button-pin with Lussion (sp?) doll on it.
    11. When I bought from Dollzone they gave me a whole bunch of SD size stuff (boots, wigs, eyes, clothes) that's not too unusal except that I bought a MSD...

      PS - why is it that there is usually some sort of food included with BJDs? A snack for them if they get hungry on the way?
    12. I always getthe same bunch of sweets from Leekeworld! And they aways give me coupons that expire the day I get them
    13. Still think the most unusual gift ever was the Junkyspot Thong.
    14. Junkyspot sent you a thong? ahahahaha
    15. I just got a my order from dollmore today and it came with all kinds of free things including a cute chirstmas bag, eyes, and stickers....
    16. I love the christmas bag my order came with!:D
    17. A order from dollmore some time ago and got shrimp crackers not fond of them but i had a friend who adored them. Random msd or sd shirts and postcards.
    18. I love the pokey, Hi chew, and Pretz that I always manage to get from Junky spot. YUMM. On a side note I ordered from a non doll company in Japan and they sent me some really yummy vitamin c chewing gum LOL. I also got some caffine gum. not as yummy but still when I worked at the high school my students loved it.
    19. I really love and appreciete the free gifts in the ordes. I think it makes me coming back!
    20. Dollmore gave me cookies:lol::lol:!!!!
      And gave me a a sexy, eye candy, half naked man doll:love poster for my girl when she arrives.
      And random pairs of eye, my favorite color.

      Thank you Dollmore:sweat:sweat