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Unusual Problem with Souldoll Celestyn

May 23, 2006

    1. Ok, I have quite a few bjd's in my collection. Yes, I am changing my direction in some ways, but there are allows alot of girls around. Celestyn showed up, I call her Willow, and I fell instantly in love. I posted pics and then found a home for her among my other dolls.

      Everything was fine until I showed her to my daughter who is 3 1/2. She is terrified of her! She will not touch her, look at her, or go in my room anymore. She says she is a mean witch. I have tried playing tea party with Willow and her in the same room; telling her happy stories about her and I have even tried different eyes, wigs, etc. She simply is afraid of her! It is not her size, because she loves my Bella Auden - Skye.

      Now, I do not know what to do. Obviously, my daughter is more important to me than a doll. Should I sell her - because I will not hide her - that would be senseless. I can not just say "Well do not come in my room" because she showers in my shower and plays computer games in there!


    2. wow.. that IS a different problem.....

      Hrm.. your willow is gorgeous, but perhaps its the colours?? Have you tried showing her pics of other celestyns.. I know my son (4) HATES my resinkids in green wigs.. says they look like the monsters under his bed..... while Willow is absolutely stunning in her current colour scheme, if its that simple, would you be prepared to change it??

      Other than that... well, you could put her away for a little while and maybe point out that the other dolls like her a lot because she was such a nice doll and so friendly and sweet, and that they miss her.. see if she comes around in her thinking??

      I don't know that I would sell her straight away, your little girl might get guilty, particularly if she does get over it in a small amount of time... but if it takes more than 6 weeks - 2 months, then sale might be your only option :<
    3. Show her the "Wizard of Oz" and tell her that she is a good witch! If that doesn't work I'd say put her away for awhile. You might also ask her what would make her feel better about Willow.
    4. Thanks for the replies! I am really stumped. Willow's colors are my daughters favorite colors - I think it might be the feathers on the forehead. I do not want to change her, because if I do, Willow is not Willow anymore. She (my daughter) says her eyes are mean looking - and I use to have a Boding Sharmin she loved!

    5. Have you tried asking her why she doesn't like her..? Or is she too young to articulate that much..? If she liked the Boding Alice (lucky you! :D) then it has to be something else...

      Edit: oops. Just read morbidollz post... I agree... I haven't seen your girl, but maybe her eyemakeup could be softened a little..?
    6. I thought it might be the eyes...probably because they are a bit squinty and they cast too much of a shadow on the eyes itself making her look mean. I like that look myself, but maybe your daughter doesn't find it so appealing ^^; My only suggestion would be to try a lighter eyecolor or maybe a different size eye to make her look a little more human...?
    7. I can definitely see why the eyes would put her off..maybe just try lighter face up colours? Kohya has the potential to look mean (obviously, look at Tohya) but I think his pink face up really softens his features.
    8. I saw your pictures :o So pretty *_*

      I hated a doll that my mother got for me, it was a Ken type doll that had squigly hair. I think he was supposed to look like Michael Jackson (whom I'd never seen) but his hair reminded me of medusa so I thought he was really scary!

      It might just have some association that she won't voice but that you don't know about ^-^ If you love the doll, keep her! But you might put her out of sight (Put her to bed with a good friend) if she's really bothering your daughter and take her out when she's not around.
    9. I think it is just a kid thing...I wouldn't sell the doll, she is stunning.. I think she will grow out of it...I would tell her that she isn't a bad witch/person, just different from the rest of your dolls, and that her eyes aren't mean but that she is deep in thought, and very protective of those she loves [your daughter, perhaps}and she protects animals...couldn't hurt?
      when I was a kind I was afraid of a sign on an ice cream stand we used to frequent..loved the icecream but at nite the neon sign scared me...why? I have no idea.....but I grew out of it.....

      but it you need to sell her...I want first dibs..LOL
    10. If it gets to the point that your daughter refuses to come in your room or be near you when the doll is out, then let the doll go. Your daughter and her happiness is more important. I am sure you do not want your little girl to be scared to come into your room. Maybe if you sell your doll you and your daughter can use the money to pick out a new doll together....that could turn into a wonderful experience for the both of you! ^_^
    11. I must agree fully with NabeeRain. If worse comes to worse, selling her and taking those funds to purchase a doll you both pick out is a wonderful idea. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

      May I ask though, what do you have her wearing? Perhaps her tattoo is showing, and thats what scares your little girl? Or perhaps its just her body? Celestyn is an asexual. Maybe she fears something she doesn't quite understand?

      I really hope it works out for you and your daughter!
    12. I agree that the eyes may be the cause. If you dont want to keep the doll out of sight then sell her. She's a standard doll so you can always get her back. Of course the makeup may be different.
    13. Thanks for being so helpful everyone! I am still confused though. My biggest fear is she will start to associate my other girls with this fear! Her face-up is rather light already and as I said she loved my Boding Sharmin. She does not want my other girls near willow at all. My daughter is very articulate for her age, but this fear has left her at a loss for words. I have three tattoos so that should not be the problem. I don't know; I guess time will tell.


      Link to my Willow: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64703&highlight=celestyn

      I honestly doubt I could ever reorder and get her the same - plus that would not be right to whom I sold her (IF I HAVE TO)
    14. I don't suppose any of the stories your daughter has read (or has read to her) has had witches in them?

      I'm sorry to hear there's difficulties, but when I was a kid, for some unknown reason, I HATED clowns (and I still do).

    15. I'm not 3 and 1/2 but if it were me I would be scared of Celestyn's body ^ ^; The willowy (is that why she's named Willow XD?) frame with long arms and the feathers on the ears really makes her seem alien, and that's how she's supposed to be, but maybe your daughter's afraid of that, that Celestyn is clearly an unknown object among your other dolls who are more human. For me, Celestyn's figure reminds me of the black figure from Tool's "Prison Sex" music video ^ ^;
    16. We have red her stories with witches in them, but she knows that all my girls are witches of some sort. She loves Halloween and all the scary costumes. maybe she knows something I do not!

    17. Lishe

      Now bear in mind that this is just IMHO but as a Mom to a 17 year old who was spooked as a child from a child's book read to him at daycare ... it is a very PAINFUL thing for the child and they truly do not "get over it" because they can not. It is too gut level. There is NO talking them out of it.

      If it were me I would give up the doll because children's little psyche's are just so delicate. Believe me ... we lived for YEARS with the repercussions of my son's little fear. It was hard on all of us. I wish it would have been so simple as getting rid of something to help him (and us).

      Remember this is just IMHO and I HTH :) :) :)
    18. You might try buying something for your daughter, wrapping it up as cutely as you can, and putting it on Willow's lap with a tag saying it's for your daughter. Many children at that age still respond to "That which brings me presents is my friend". Anyway, my cousin who is that age does.
    19. Maybe you´re not prepared to modify your doll that much but perhaps open her eyes up a little more? They seem to be the problem? Your doll is gorgeous and I want to see more pics of her so don't sell her! But I feel so sad for your daughter, it's horrible to be scared :(
    20. I agree that you should keep the doll in the box and play with her when your daughter isn't home. That seems like the best mid-ground without scarring your daughter or selling the doll.