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Upcoming Dollstown restock information

Nov 29, 2006

    1. As posted here on November 25th:
      Subject - my project about reproduction...

      I have a new project now...
      I had entrusted OZDoll with the reproduction all the while.
      But I am tired to wait...the reproduction taked so long time....
      So I have the idea to reproduce by myself, and I am prepareing for it now.

      Maybe It will be take some time to reproduce successfully... it will be 3~6 month,,, or over it..
      So till then, only Hue will be new fill in stock, and sell,,, possibly few Soph... and Now in stock...

      Please wait it by then....
      By then, It will be available to sell for all head&body in all skin[white/normal/pinkwhite]...
      By then, If some body is out of stock, it will be fill in stock in one month.

      I'm so sorry too late for reproduce..
      Next year, I am hope to fill in stock.
    2. It seems that there are a few more skin tone options available on Dollstown...
      The 13A2 body is available in pink-white AND white skin. It seems like before it was only available in the pink-white I think some of the heads have been restocked as well, but I'm not sure.
    3. New photos of the bodies are here in Dollstown's Working Gallery.
      Posted last month it appears, but I'm very much looking forward to being able to purchase some bodies *rubs hands in glee*
    4. WOW the boys bodies are looking very REAL !
      QUESTION: when they say NEW A and B head are they totally new head sculpts?
      Are there any with makeup pictures of them hiding on the site?
    5. I believe they are completely new sculpts, but no galleries for them yet...!
    6. New Head A appears to be a slightly open mouthed version of Mui :33
    7. A new update on the re-stocking schedule!

      December -- 5, 7years body's silicon work for mold. (Now 5years doll-90%, 7years doll 60%), I will start the Urethane work for reproduction at middle of this month.. But I don't know now how I need for this urethane work..
      Maybe the Urethane work will be take two week~one month.

      Jan -- 13 Girl's silicon work for mold. and I will start the Urethane work for reproduction at middle or end of this month.
      Feb --15 Girl's silicon work for mold.
      Mar --15Boy's silicon work for mold.
      Apr --Elf's silicon work for mold.

      No idea if this means the heads will be available aswell!
    8. The work's schedule changed on Janv. the 11th :

      Besides, pictures of the new headswith make up will be post when the bodies will be on sale :

      And the order board is ready to sale the new bodies and heads as soon as they are restocked.

      Hope it will be soon, I can't wait anymore ! :D

      (news found here and here)
    9. Dollstown have updated their site with info and names for the heads.

      5 and 7 dolls available 9th of Feb (or so it seems)

      HEAD names:
      For 13/15 Girl bodies
      Seola13 and Daisy G

      For the 15 boy body
      Daisy B

      For the 7 body:
      Sia and Arin

      Price of 13Girl body is $485
      Prices of 15Girl body is $575
      Head + body is $630 (13Girl) and $720 (15Girl)

      Sorry if I screwed any of that up etc but I'm just super excited. :fangirl:

      P.S Also there's a picture of Daisy G in her gallery.
    10. Looks like they've turned to Dollshe Craft to do the casting. :)
    11. Seems like the schedule has changed again as now 15boy are comming before 13,15 girl!

      does anyone feel we might get the dolls earlier now they've switched to dollshe casting?

      And heres a link in the news about dollshe incase anyone couldn't find it;

      And one to the new 15boy head
    12. Does anybody know what she means with new resin? Is she using a different resin, and since when? The pinkwhite resin was a perfect match for a head I have, now I'm concerned the color has changed.

      (I was going to ask on her board, but for some reason 'write' does not appear where it should, neither in Firefox nor in IE. :? Am I missing something?)
    13. News on the resin colour and resin change;
      Anjonghak has also updated that news page to say;
    14. Pics of Sia with make up !
      Pics of Arin with make up !

      There are also new pics of Ganga with the new body.

      Moreover, I asked on the board if we would have the choice between 15A and 15B girl bodies when they will release the bodies, as shown in the working gallery.

      The answer :

    15. Update......Name change for skin colors.......

      Paleskin = White skin
      Freshskin = Pinkwhite
      Orientalskin = Normal skin

      5 and 7 year old bodies will go on sale soon....

      Anjonghak has updated the info on the English Order Board....

    16. http://dollstown.com/zboard/view.ph...sc=on&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=1941
      For those who can't acess the board but still would like the information thats there:
      The daisy girl head has also been updated:
    17. Important update!

    18. Another update on how the resin change is affecting other releases;
      "The production of 13 dolls will be delayed as well?