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UPDATE - Kemper refunded me..yay!

May 15, 2007

    1. * UPDATE....well it seems the Paypal claim, repeated emails and me telling them the general DOA view of their policy has worked...they gave me a full refund! I was so happy when I got their email, they went from point blank saying there's no way they'd refund me to just giving me the money without really explaining! So if you ever have a similar problem with them or any other company...keep hassling them!*

      *UPDATE: Today I received an email stating that they will not refund me or replace my order as it is not their policy to do so. I have replied stating
      "Thank you for your reply, I must say I am very disappointed by your policy not to refund or offer a replacement on my order which means I have lost over $80. I thought you were a respected supplier of doll merchandise.
      If this order doesn't appear then you will lose my future custom and I will also inform the Den of Angels Ball Joint Doll forum, of which I am an active member, about your policy as I find it very off putting for future customers"
      So I just thought I would duly warn everyone about this, especially people not in America. Apparantly they don't care about their reputation after all.*

      Original post: I have placed orders with them before and they have always arrived ok but now I am getting worried as I placed an order worth $87 which was apparantly shipped on March 16th, and I still haven't received it. They said it should take about a week to the UK but now it's 2 months later and no sign. They replied to my first email saying to wait a little longer but have not replied to any further emails. I have sent them another today asking for a refund if the order doesn't show up. I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem with them or has any advice? Thanks.
    2. I have ordered from them without any probs. Sometimes things just get lost.
      I would ask them to track the order and if they can't find it, they shoulld resend your order. I'm sure they will, they wouldn't risk damaging their reputaion.
    3. Thanks, I'll see if i get a reply from them this time as i've never had a problem with them before.
    4. bump for update today
    5. Eek, Cathy! You have not received a product, you have a right for a refund or replacement. As Elljaye said, ask them to track your order. What shipping service did they use to the UK? If they don't respond within the next three days, I would put in a Paypal claim, as time is running out for you to do so. They are a retail company, and they should have measures in place for this kind of thing. $87 is a lot of money, don't let up on it.

      Edit: Perhaps ask for this to be moved to the 'Problem Transaction Thread', as more people will see it and be able to offer advice? If I can do anything, email me ^^
    6. Wow, I've never had a problem with them before, but I'm a bit closer. :sweat (In fact, I'm within "Willcall" distance. :sweat )

      I wish you luck getting this sorted out!

    7. Did you pay for insurance? Most companies won't refund if you don't pay for insurance. I know there's an instance where someone lost an insured Volks doll because she asked the dollshop to send it to a different address, they sent it to her home. She was away and in the meantime, it looks like the post office just left it outside her apartment and didn't bother to get a signature. The parcel was taken and no-one is taking responsibility. The Post Office refuses to refund the cost of the doll and the doll shop figures it's the post office's fault in spite of the fact that they sent it to the wrong address. End result - the person is out of pocket for the doll and no refund so far. I've bought Kemper wigs I think but only through Antinas. I've only had one thing go missing but I was lucky that the seller sent another as a goodwill gesture.
    8. Eeek I was going to order from them next week but now that I've seen their idea of customer service I think I'll pass. I hope you get your stuff.
    9. That is beyond appalling customer service! So sorry to hear this Cathy. I hope they get themselves sorted out soon and get your order refunded or filled.

      I have never heard of a reputable company saying things like that to their once and future customers!
    10. Ouch! That's horrible. I've had to go through hoops to get pairs of socks exchanged for other sizes (one time it was because they'd mis-marked the selection on the actual site). Still...everything came through alright. Although they wouldn't send me the new pairs of socks till they got the old ones...

      ...I'm not surprised at their policy, considering what I've had to do to get exchanges to happen. :P
    11. That's really disturbing.
    12. I will be crossing them off my list of 'places to buy stuff from'........don't they realise that their bad customer service won't stay a secret?
      Sorry that you have had such a bum deal with company weirdsparkle, i think you start emailing them as often as possible, maybe they will offer a replacement.
    13. I'll definitely remember not to buy from them. Sorry that your transaction has gone so poorly - hopefully they will see the potential damage this can cause to their reputation and they will be willing to sort things out.

      Best of luck. :aheartbea
    14. That sucks. I've only bought Kemper through people at doll shows or Audrey's. I think I'll stay away from them as a company too.
    15. Thank you for sharing this. Even though I live in the US, I will definitely tell others that they are a company NOT worth ordering from.

      I hope that somehow, you are able to recoup some of your losses.
    16. I'm not surprised with their response if the parcel wasn't insured. I would keep pressuring them, however. Maybe they will cave.

      Good luck~

    17. i don't know the name, but did you have try claim paypal dispute ? like that you can perhaps have back your money with or without agreement !

      Me, now i know, i will never buy in your website... never !
    18. Thanks for the warning. :) Sorry you had to find that out the hard way... :(
    19. Thanks everyone, I will keep emailing them and try to put in a Paypal claim as I think this is really bad service on their part and the majority of you seem to agree.
      I'll keep you updated of any news!
    20. I've noticed that clause on their website, and to be honest I've always been prepared to file a paypal claim if something gets lost. I'm not prepared to pay insurance costs on something that isn't worth lots of money; when I've ordered from them my bill has come to no more than $30.00. I would expect the seller to send a replacement as that is what most other companies would do - ones that actually want to keep customers anyway.

      I guess this is something people in the UK expect as we can get proof of posting for free and the post office generally refunds you the cost of low value goods if something gets lost.