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UPDATE--NEW BOY R-[Doll Leaves] New Doll--B (MSD size) ;

Apr 6, 2011

    1. Hi, Everyone,

      Doll Leaves now comes the new MSD boy --B (meaning blue sea).
      Here is a brief view for him. Wish you like him.


      Here is the new boy R

      More pictures please visit www.doll-leaves.com .
      Any question or concern, you can reach by email sales@doll-leaves.com .

      Thanks for reading.

    2. :D oh, he is gougeous!
      Is the outfit available separately?
      BTW, all DS MSD boys together are BMW. That is interesting.
    3. Ganemen, Thanks!
      The outfits are available separately!
    4. Is the faceup that pictured for Boy R?

      EDIT: I mean is that the face up you get, sorry, and can you change it/ask for something else?
    5. Harpy, Yes, if you order doll with faceup, he will come with default faceup as picture.
      At present, custom faceup is not available yet.