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update Oct 14![DD-Anne's FairyGarden]New fullset dolls {Alice in Underland}

Aug 9, 2010

    1. -----------------------------------------

      This is DD-Anne, I'm bringing my new fullset dolls.
      They are one part of my fullset series, Alice in Underland.

      Alice in Underland is a story based on <Alice's advertures in wonderland>.
      I start to construct the story early this year and revise it again and again in my mind.
      Finally, in June, I can start to design details for the characters in the first chapter.
      However, the process is not as smooth as I thought.
      It costs me 2 months to finish the first chapter, which is double time as I've planned.

      All DD-Anne's dolls are handmade by myself from original scuplting, casting, sanding&assembling
      to painting face up, making outfits, taking photos and writing stories!
      It's not easy to do all these works by one person.
      I planned a kimono set for White Rabbit, but have to give up it after trying 4 times. :(
      I'm not good at every field,
      but I try hard to make my best.
      They are made by heart as I wish my dolls are not products, but a piece of my works,
      which can express some feelings and impress others.

      More details of the dolls and the story will be update later soon.

      It will be the most different Alice you have ever read.
      Hope you like them.
      Thank you.

      Chapter one


      White Rabbit
    2. how tall are the dolls? the alice is squee worthy ^^
    3. The site says 24cm
    4. more photos and sale details updated.

      please visit www.dd-anne.com for more information.

      Thank you.^-^


    5. For how long will the Alice doll collection be available? :aheartbea
    6. Hi,
      The two in first chapter are available now. ^-^