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Update on New FCS (FCS2004) from Domuya

Oct 27, 2004

    1. Hello,
      I am not sure if the information I am gonna mention were post in this forum before :P If there were repeated information begin presented, please forgive me:P

      Domuya will be taking the New FCS order from next weeks onwards (Nov 1st), but we will start with a offline method first, as we are still deciding if we "should" post all the pictures up in public yet. (we are able to post the optional parts but for head...)

      For FCS 2004 (new Sumika FCS) only 2 skin tone is available.

      1. Natural PS
      2. Sato White PS

      NO suntan skin. (they are Sato exclusive)

      As for head available, the numbering follows Sato FCS. but not all head will be available in Sumika

      Head available are

      F - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,15,16,19 (Cecile-like head are not in Sumika FCS)

      Other than the head availablity, the rest of the optional part are identical (except wigs), glass eye available are the same as MSD FCS as listed in Domu-Net.

      There is certain wigs color( on certain wigs style) are Sato exclusive. (eg. W98 - Ivory)

      The pricing of Domuya FCS service will be as follow

      SD boys/ girl, SD13 Girls = SGD$1700 (all in)
      SD13 boys = SGD$1815 (all in)

      All Sato after service (sanding etc) will be available for order too.

      Delivery method will be either by FedEx or EMS Japan.

      As for waiting time for Sumika FCS, now the estimate is about 45 days (from the day your place an confirmed order, please note that this 45 days doesnt include shiping time)

      You are still able to specify your make up through us, we will accept any form of feedback.

      eg. Character profile, doll character, picture, illustrations/ drawing, written make up instruction, or anything you can think of, we will be able to accept it.

      I think thats about it now :P I am sorry for my "rush" post, but if you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at our support page :)

    2. Thanks for the update!!

      I'm curious as to whether you know why the F-17 won't be available outside of Sato?

      It's such a popular head, I am confused as to why they'd limit the availability that much...
    3. :o I wanted to buy my FCS with f-17 head! It will be an only Sato's head?? :crushed Why??? I'm so sad right now :( But well thanks for the update!
    4. It's probably because it IS popular. But Domuya can still get Sato FCS - it just takes longer.

      Does anyone know if we'll get to see the FCS wig/eye options outside of the stores?
    5. Thanks so much for sharing this information with us Domuya, it means a lot!
    6. Hi! It's great to hear from you guys! I was in the process of ordering a Sato FCS SD13 boy when the service was "put on hold" until the Sumika FCS came out. Will I be able to finish that? Or, will the Sato FCS no longer be posisble?

      I just kind of...stopped hearing from the person I was talking to. I know what I want (all options picked out), and I have the money for him and everything. So, can I order Sato FCS starting November 1, as well, or will only Sumika be made available?

      I ask, because I was going to be getting the F-17 head (Cecile-like), and was at the point in ordering where I was about to send payment...and now, I see that that head won't be in the Sumika FCS! :cry:

      Also, will there be a change in the prices for the Sato FCS, or will it stay the same?


      - Kiya
    7. Hi Domuya, thank you so much for the news!
      I would like to know if those prices included shipping or not...I guess not but..ask is better

    8. Dear all :)

      Sorry for the late reply, as Domuya is involve in a massive CH promotion in Singapore, you may read more about it on the coming week or so :)

      As for the FCS questions, I am really not sure why they did not include "Cecile head" in Sumika FCS, but i guess, Volks still wants pple to visit their "heavily invested" Sato :P

      Yes, Sarina, the price is inclusive of worldwide shipping (whether you stay in Germany or States)

      Lyn - Yes, for complete eye and wigs options, we are able to put it up "err, i think" anyways just look out for announment sometime next week on Domu-Net? We are sorry but we are really tied up now.

      Kiyakotari - We will let you know on Sato FCS by next week? (as most of the options from Sumika are same as Sato, we will need to relook into the "feasibility" on having 2 seperate services) But if we are to carry on Sato FCS, price will remain the same.

      I am sorry that we left out our MSD FCS pricing on my last post

      For MSD, both Sato and Sumika are same (SGD$1050) - inclusive of shipping.

      SD boys/ girl, SD13 Girls = SGD$1700 inclusive of shipping
      SD13 boys = SGD$1815 inclusive of shipping

      The above prices are true for
      1. cash and carry for walk in customers,
      2. Foreign order if payment are via bank remittance, western union money transfer.

      For foreign order using paypal, please refer to Domu-Net's price.

      Please email us if you need further assistance :)
    9. Dear all,

      We will be listing the FCS catalogue :) please allow us till end of next week to get Domu-Net ready. (The catalogue will be a full one)

      thank you
    10. :o

      Yay! We will finally get to see the new FCS catalog! This is so exciting; I can hardly wait until next week!
    11. ;) Awesome~! I might be ordering one in the next few months, so I'm super excited!
    12. Thanks Domuya!
      This is amazing!
      Finally will be able to see a new FCS catalogue!

      Cant wait to see it :D
    13. Oh, please please don't stop carrying the Sato FCS, Domuya.net is just about the only place we can get SATO fcs. :( if you stop doing it it will be very hard!