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[Updated: 20th May] Angel of Dream - New doll released!

May 15, 2007

    1. We have just released a new MSD boy, Wang Zi.


      You can find out more about him on our site at:



      Angel of Dream's international site is finally up and taking orders! :D

      If you haven't found out already, I am currently the international rep for AOD. :)

      Please visit our site at http://www.angel-of-dream.com if you wish to take a look at our dolls and products.

      We currently have an opening promotion where FREE faceups will be given to all doll purchases! You can also request for custom faceups. Promotion ends on the 15th of June.

      Also, from now until the 8th of June GMT+8, we will be giving out a free 1/3 head for every 1/3 doll purchased! Free faceups only applies for the doll, not the free head. ^^

      Our current doll prices are also part of our opening promotion. After the 31st of May, the prices for all dolls will increase by $25.

      Do note that as our shipping module is still under development, we will be emailing you the invoices with your shipping cost after you've placed an order. All items will be shipped via EMS.

      For a rough estimate on shipping, please visit http://www.ems.com.cn/serviceguide/e-zi-fei-biao-zhun.html

      I've created a table with the shipping rates in USD. ^^
    2. in the ems estimate, is that yen, rmb or won?
    3. The prices are in RMB. ^^

      Oh! Were you the one who ordered a 1/3 doll without faceup? :3 Please check your email, I've sent you the shipping costs. :)
    4. Do you mean the main site? D= It's working fine for me. >_<;;

      I'm glad you like them! :) I will be putting up better, higher quality pictures of the dolls in the future so do look out for them! ^^
    5. Do you know how the normal skin will match with other companies? I'd love to get one of my heads at home a body from you. :)
    6. May I know which company you're referring to? AOD's skin tone is slightly lighter and less pink. ^^
    7. I've just received word from AOD. ^^ We will be having another promotion! From now until the 8th of June GMT+8, we will be giving out a free 1/3 head for every 1/3 doll purchased!
    8. Question for you - I think there's issues with your cart. ^_^;;
      I tried to purchase a 1/4 head without make up - and despite clicking No it STILL adds the $20 for face up. And it doesn't let me delete it.. O_o
    9. Angel Region Little fair. :)
    10. Thank you so much for letting me know! I've updated the items. ^^ It should work now.
    11. I'm not really sure about this. >_< The dolls do look pinker than AOD dolls though. :sweat
    12. Do we get to choose the free head or is it randomly doled out?
      I'm thinking of getting one of the 1/3 girls and would prefer a boy (or the beginnings of one:3) to go with her.
    13. would your 1/4 heads go on a dollzone body, and are the skintones compatible? very excited about most of your lovely sculpts!
    14. It's the same colour as Mifee's also, do you have any doll skin to compare them to, I have a pretty good eye if I know for sure some skin colour, like Luts. :)
    15. Yes, you can choose a head you want. ^^ But if you do not specify which head you prefer when you order, we'll give you a random head.

      Yes, 1/4 heads would fit on a dollzone body. ^^ We had a customer who tried it and said that both normal and white skintones matches rather nicely too.

      Our doll's skintones matches that of Dollzone's. Perhaps you could use that as a gauge? :3
    16. thanks so much izumiyavi! that helps so much! will no doubt be ordering one of the AoD beauties soon!
      also, how much would it cost to send one 1/4 doll and maybe 2 heads to bristol, uk?
    17. Shipping cost for a 1/4 doll and 2 heads would cost $59 to UK via EMS. ^^
    18. Our doll's skintones matches that of Dollzone's. Perhaps you could use that as a gauge? :3[/QUOTE]
      Oooh, sounds good! Dollzone's normal skin is pinkish, and so is AR's. If it's a tad yellower than Dollzone's normal skin, it will be perfect! If everything goes as planned, I might order two bodies from you. ;3 Big white girl and small normal skinned. <3
    19. I would really appreciate to see more pictures face front of the dolls, especially Ming and Chen. That would make it easier to order one :)