Updated List of Mature (or 1/6) Tinies?

Jul 2, 2016

    1. I know there have been threads and charts on this subject in the past, but most of them are out of date. They list dolls that are no longer being sold, etc. So I'm looking for a more current list of mature Tinies, particularly those around 30 cm in height. Thanks in advance for the help!
    2. Hello! You might want to join the mature 1/6 dolls thread. We're all collectors of the elusive mature tinies.
      This question does come up once in a while and since mature tinies are harder to find (and often discontinued), they are quite difficult to track down. However~ Here are a few that I know are still in production at the top of my head:

      Limhwa 27cm Girls
      - Mari
      - Yume
      - Sara​
      Little Monica Muse Harmony Line
      - Sarubia
      - Eric​
      Xagadoll Red Obsidian Line
      - Ted
      - Lara
      - Emily
      - Ken
      - Cyril
      - Sylvia
      - Sylvia-2 (male version)​
      Dollmore 12" Kidult Line
      - Celia
      - Irina
      - Adela
      - Yeor
      - Melissa Hon​
      Dollmore 12" Cute Line
      - Cossette
      - Dona
      - Lulu​
      - Mini Paul
      - Mini Dandy
      - Mini Riz​
      Soom Minigems
      - Minigems are available once in a while when SOOM does one of their free choice events.​
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    3. Off the top of my head I can only remember the Mini Planetdolls, who are mature 27cm,
      There's also Dollmore's fashion dolls , they're 32cm tall though
      If all fails you can look through this list and search the other discontinued models second hand
      edit: Pygmalion used to have 30cm boys but im not 100% if they met the criteria for on topic dolls
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    4. Thank you both so much!

      @HoushiChan I've added that thread to my Watch list, so hopefully I'll be able to keep up on any future releases. Your list gives me a great starting point, so much gratitude over here. :)

      @bluekitsune Thanks for the list. Dollmore's dolls look promising and are close enough in height to my ideal that I won't count them out. Haha.
    5. Limhwa To You girls are 27cm and mature. They have youthful, but not childish, faces. They can wear different types of clothing that have more mature fashion options - like Azone, Barbie, Tiny Kitty, and Momoko (not everything fits though!)
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    6. Hope everyone doesn't mind but I've added some of your suggestions to my post. Maybe someone will find it useful to see everything together. ^-^
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    7. Check out Pidgen Doll! They are kind of fashion-doll esque, but definitely mature 1/6 s.
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    8. Is there a thread for these dolls? Nothing comes up when I search the forum. I'd love to see some owner pictures.
    9. I believe this may be the link you're looking for: Welcome
    10. Very good that someone has created this list! Sadly that it is old and most companies are not avaiable anymore.

      Maybe someone knows any more companies? I know Myou doll. Any more ideas?
    11. Soom does sell their Mini Gem line as LE's as well as the occasional free-choice event dolls. Maskcat and Miracle Doll also make mature tinies. Black Cherry has an order period open right now. Sister Fox Princess has a store on Etsy, though her dolls are a bit smaller. Batchix had some elf guys called Clever Littles a while ago in a similar scale. Their order pages say "Sold out for now" so will most likely be made again in the future. Granado had dolls this size available as part of a "multi-size of the same sculpt" event recently. Dollshe had dolls this size available for a while, too. Hopefully they will sell them again. (And those of us who ordered from Dollshe the first time will get our dolls:sweat)

      Most of my dolls are mature tinies, and I want to share the love!
    12. I'll add MerryDollRound Pygmies, Lillycat's Chibi line dolls, Irrealdoll's Pitusas, Rumpeldoll Abby, HeartStrung Ruse, & Bardo Research at least 1 doll that's a mature tiny. Oh & Doll Chateau makes a 1/6 version of Bella.

      & oh, Atelier Momoni has 1/6 mature dolls, too.
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