New Doll Upgraded Narae40 body & New Head

Jan 20, 2018

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      Dear customers

      This time I made the Narae40 body upgrade version were changed like to Narin60 body.
      Narae60 body is also being upgraded like this.
      From now on, if you order Narae40 & 60 body, you can choice removable breast parts.
      Also, upgraded The triple-rail knee joints are able to produce a more aesthetic and natural pose.
      The pelvic silicon pads are bigger and the frictional force is sufficiently transmitted, so that the fine posture can be stably operated.

      I use the new transparent silicon's does not length increase over time like a rubber band. There is friction between the holes in the joints and the movement is smooth.

      Narae40 upgraded body Limited edition 100
      Narae N42C head Limited edition 20

      The wrist and ankle joints were turned into one parts, making the flow of the natural line.
      Upgraded the details of the nails and toenail.
      If you order body, I'll give you a special neck joint silicone pad.
      The neck joint silicone pad can be purchased separately.
      The new Limited edition sells body and head separately.

      Included limited N42C head parts : Cedar Laser Cutting Certificate
      Silicone eyeball fixation device
      Teeth parts & cat ears
      Hand made Pouch

      Included limited body parts : Cedar Laser Cutting Certificate

      It is possible to layaway for 3 months.

      If you want to see the movability test videos please come to Instagram.(ID : bimong11)

      Thank you for reading this letter and for considering the contents.

      Kind regards
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    2. Will you be making a head like the N42C in 60cm? And all of the hands in 60cm too! I am very interested in that. :)
    3. Yes i Will ^^
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    4. hullo!! I'm a big fan of your dolls especially your N412 head (she's actually a grail of mine) but I'm kinda waiting for a bigger size do you have any plans of making that sculpt in a bigger scale? please do! :D:D:D:love:love
    5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Yes, I am always ready to make the work that every customer wants. If you have any questions, please let us know.
      The bigger size(1/3) making period is expected to take about two months.
      Please note that it takes a lot of time to make it all by hand, not a 3D printer.

      Thank you for loving Narae for long time
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    6. Hello! Could you tell me how long the narae 40 body will be for sale? I see its limited to 100 editions, but is it also time limited? I have just discovered your work & am hoping to order one soon. Thank you!
    7. Love your work, Bimong :). When will the flat detachable bust for Narae40 be available for sale?
    8. Can you tell me which heads fit on this body besides the new one?
    9. Any of the N4 series heads will fit.
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    10. Hello,
      How would we select layaway as the payment method when checking out?
    11. When placing an order, please write "layaway" in the "Request of customer" menu.
      Then Bimong will send you a payment request via PayPal for 1/3 of your full payment amount.
      It also includes EMS shipping cost.
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    12. Are there any photos of the N42C head with a faceup anywhere?
    13. Any chance the ears will be for sale on their own? :3
    14. I doubt it; because the head is a limited edition of 20.
    15. Will Bimong be sending a payment request for the other payments via layaway (2/3. 3/3) ? Or do we need to send those ourselves?
    16. Bimong sends the payment requests along each month (but don't be afraid to prompt him via email or Instagram if it seems like he's forgotten!) :)