Usernames are forever! (And multiple accounts will get you banned.)

Mar 27, 2010

    1. We wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that we do not allow username changes, multiple accounts, or account deletions.

      Because of the reputation-based nature of our forum's Marketplace feedback, we only allow ONE account per person. Your username will remain the same for your entire tenure as a forum member. If you decide that you no longer wish to be a part of DoA, simply stop signing in; we will not delete your account when you go.

      Please do not ask to change or delete your account because the answer will be no (regardless of which moderator you ask).

      Do not try to register a new account to get a new name; if you are caught doing this, both your new and original account may be permanently banned from the forum.

      Thank you!
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    2. As we have seen a rash of new and long-term members creating new (duplicate) accounts for various reasons, please read this reminder from 2010~

      If you have any questions about this, please drop us a line in Ask the Mods.
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    3. Time for a bump of this thread to the top.

      If you forget your password, registered email, etc., the thing to do is contact the mods via email and we will help you re-access your account. The Contact DoA link at the bottom of every page, including those visible to nonmembers/guests, allows you to send us an email even without being logged in.

      Even if you make an application and state you have an account already, we will contact you and help you access your original account. What we will NOT do is let you switch to the new account or user name. You have the customizable user title that appears under your avatar image that can be used to update and display your current business or social-platform "branding". You also have your signature to use to personalize your presence.

      However, if you make an application and deny a prior account or prior access to the forum, and we find such, both account and application will be banned.

      Every member applicant should be completing their own application. Since accounts cannot be shared, each person is responsible for their own account. Do not fill out a member application for someone else or expect us to believe that excuse after-the-fact when we find only evidence of one person on both accounts.

      If you're sharing an IP with another member, constantly or every so often, just drop us a post in Ask the Moderators. We'll make a notation.
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    4. And just a reminder that helping banned members access the forum, or accessing it (including the marketplace) to help a banned member shop puts your own account in jeopardy. Please don't offer your account, no matter what tale of injustice is being spun, or because you like their products or services, or because you see each other in real life.
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