Using a bjd to store something?

Sep 7, 2020

    1. I'd potentially look into having a doll cast with resin containing the remains? You could try contacting companies and seeing if they'd be willing to do it or having an independent artist work on it. Besides that I'd consider making the dolls home involve the ashes whether it be by getting a memorial box that stays with the doll or some other method.
      As others have said I'm sorry for your loss.
    2. I’ve already ordered the Nell because it reminded me of her, so I don’t think I could do the casting thing, especially because Nell was already so pricey!
      Thank you all for all the ideas
      I think at the moment my best option is to get a sturdy keepsake container for some of the ashes to store inside the doll, and then either scatter the rest of keep them in a memorial urn in the dolls “home”.
      Thank you also for the tip about sunlight! I didn’t know that about them so that’s very handy.
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