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Using real foods for doll props

Nov 29, 2009

    1. I didn't find a thread on this specifically, so forgive me if it has. I've recently been getting myself some food items that I've always wanted to try and cook and when I stood there and looked at it and thought...wow, that could be just the right scale for my dolls :D For example, with thanksgiving recently I wanted to get some Cornish hens. And when I looked at the size, I thought they would make a really awesome doll sized turkey or chicken dinner. So I began to get ideas for photoshoots (for which I'm going to be working on once I get around to cooking them). There's a lot of mini meat/poultry products as well as produce, and I'm wondering has anyone ever thought to use real mini foods for props for photoshoots? Most of these ideas would work with larger dolls like SD, 60+ and 70+, etc., for which finding scaled props, particularly foods, are really hard to find and obviously this would be best if you're just doing it for photos, but of course just doing it for fun is optional, too lol
      I understand there's just some foods you probably won't have your dolls actually touch (particularly greasy foods), but the idea of an authentic food layout sounds really great for those of us who don't have access or the means to find a fake prop of that size. It would look the most real because it is real and it's naturally scaled down :D And the great thing is, you can eat it after you're done with it XD...unless you do that weird preserving thing and make it into something like those "fake" food props for TV shows.
      So in the spirit of the idea, I would like to hear suggestions of real foods that could be a good scale for dollies. They don't have to actually be the type of food they are, just that they look like they can pass for something in scale (ex.- like Cornish hens = Turkey or regular size chicken). And I will list some that I know on the top of my head that would work well.

      Small birds/poultry (their eggs are a good scale too for various "recipes"):
      Cornish Hens (Turkey or regular Chicken)
      Quails (maybe Duck or Chicken, or a turkey for a tiny) - their eggs are a perfect size as well.
      Possibly Pheasant depending species and if you have a larger doll or doing a larger "turkey"

      Baby Carrots
      Baby Corn
      Mini-potatoes (any kind like red creamers, etc.)
      Current berries (might pass as cherries)
      Endives looks like a mini Roman Lettuce or Bok Choy

      Any food that doesn't show a "scale" and can fit in any containers like drinks, mash potatoes, soups/broth etc.
      Any food that can be made scaled down to size and still look like itself like cupcakes, tarts, candies, etc.
      There's a lot of stuff in groceries that are made to a mini scale already, if you look carefully :D These can be cakes, breads, pastas, etc. But some more unlikely ones include Chef Boyardee's which has some mini size pastas like ravioli.

      Update: I find that there are a surprisingly amount of "mini" recipes on the web and not just actual food items that are naturally mini. Posted on page 2, some recipes and the mini hamburger meal :D Since I'm seeing more stuff that are made into meals, I wouldn't mind seeing recipes or how-to's on making small real/edible foods, which some, like the hamburger, are made with real mini ingredients :D Do I see a future with dolly cooking shows? lol
    2. Depending on your location, you might be able to find some wild strawberries in the summer. Also, certain types of strawberries are much smaller than the ones you find in stores.

      Pearl Onions might also work, depending on the size of the doll.
    3. Those itsy bitsy designer tomatoes. Like, sub-sub-cherry-tomato sized.


      (Rowan is an SDCute; the tomato is probably more like a Yo-SD size. XD)
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    4. Well, if you had an easy bake oven, you can make scaled cakes (like layered cakes).
    5. Petit fours are another idea. Just look them up and customize them to get them in scale. :)

      Oh, and baby corn! SD-sized maybe?
    6. I have a couple of ideas - broccoli and cauliflower can be separated into smaller sections, round chocolate sliced like a cake, instant noodles, fruit salad, jelly.
    7. They sell the little pumpkins you could make a little jack-o-lantern too :)

      You could probably cut off the top of a cupcake and make it into a cake.
    8. I gave Riddick a mini Oreo to hold once, it was cute. It'd probably be closer to correct scale for a bigger doll, though.
    9. Brennil had a picture of her Unoa holding a really tiny orange. I think it was called a mini honey. Perfect scale for her, and you can peel it and everything.
    10. Those fancy ice cube or candy molds could make good cake/jello molds. And mini-Ritz crackers might be close to a proportional size, at least for larger dolls.
    11. I've used mini Goldfish crackers and mini M&Ms, but of course they aren't "scale," just ... "believable." Like if you found some kind of mini cake and used it as a full-size one.

      I've been pretty tempted by the fancy little cakes you can get at department stores here. They would make great "full size" cakes for dolls (assuming no wacky scaled items like fruit). But since I can't eat cake anymore, it would be a waste of $6.

      It would require some effort, but I bet you could bake dolly-sized cookies. Mini cookies, again, could stand-in for regular sized cookies, but if you tried to do mini oreos they would look like GIGANTIC oreos unless you had ... I dunno ... a DM Lusion.
    12. Sometimes in the ethnic sections of stores, if they have a French or Italian section (also, sometimes these are near the olive bar), there are "mini-toast." These might work for SD also.

      Also, mini-marshmallows would work as big marshmallows for MSD and Yo-SD's. ^^
    13. Brussel Sprouts? :ablah:

      What about some of the individual mini pies that usually come two to a box? They're about palm sized and usually come in a tiny little pie tin.
    14. Cheezits crackers would be good for SD dolls. And that really tiny Mini Wheat cereal they sell now would be like regular size Shredded Wheat. Sickle pears (if you can find them) would be great regular pears for dolls.
    15. Wow, awesome suggestions guys! :D There was some that I knew of but hadn't thought about till now lol like them little pies, but I'm seeing lots of ideas I hadn't even considered or heard of :D Would love to see more lol *starts making a grocery list* Yeah any sized foods that could pass as a believable or scaled sizing for any sized doll is welcomed. Again they don't have to pass for what they actually are, they can also look like something else at their scale.
    16. a mini personal pan pizza would be great as Large pizza for dolls.
    17. We've purchased a bottle of whole, tiny pickles at a Mediterranean grocery that would be a good size for dolls. They were delicious too. ^_^
    18. It was just me who stared at this title, thinking it would super special awesome for Haruka to be holding a Popsicle.
    19. Great ideas here. who would have thought!
    20. Actually I found that they are called Endives. And they look like the long oval cabbages :D I believe it's the Belgium Endives? There are some that don't look like cabbages but I've seen some that do.