Uv protected resin casts?

Jul 26, 2016

    1. Hi everyone!

      I am relatively new to the BJD community, and have been researching and scouring many websites for quite a few months. This month I ended up ordering my first pair of BJD from Luts both Kid Delf models. Very exciting.

      This is my first post so I thought it should go here because I have a few questions. :)

      After I made that riveting purchase I wanted to get my hands on MSC UV, because who wouldn't do anything to protect a new resin doll from yellowing?

      Unfortunately it is inaccessible to me. My local hobby shop said they had a supplier who used to have it but they were having trouble regulating the labels. :(

      This got me all a little hmpf because I want to spend more time with my dolls outside. Browsing through the order page for the models I choose, I saw something I didn't really notice before... And had so many questions...
      ^This is the skin colour resin choice and right beside it says -UV Protect-

      1) Does anyone have any experience with this?

      2) Are these resins Protected from UV light, and perhaps reduce yellowing of the doll?

      3) Are there other companies that offer a uv protected resin?

      4) Would MSC UV even worth be applying?
      (Or would it be like spraying sunscreen over your lotion sunscreen?)

      5) Is this relatively new to BJD?

      6)Should more companies experiment with UV protected resins?

      I've looked into many weather and sun resistance epoxy for at home repairs, which I assume would be very similar compositions. They all have many different results and some a much better than others. UV protected resin sounds like a big benifit but I would really like to know what experienced doll owners think...
    2. It is my understanding that some companies like Volks have additives in their resin to help slow yellowing. A lot of companies will coat the dolls, but it varies by company whether it's done by default or costs an additional fee. Volks coats the dolls - it comes with standard models, but for things like FCS they'll do it for a fee. This coating can wear off over time just from handling and has to be reapplied. I know Spirit Doll coats their dolls included in price.

      Yes it would be worth coating the doll with MSC UV cut or similar product regardless of type of resin. It's like why would you wear SPF 30 sunscreen when you could wear SPF 50+ PA+++?