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Val Zeitler Halloween Collection in Haute Doll

Jun 3, 2008

    1. Val Zeitler and Doll Heart have done it again! Val has designed a FABULOUS Halloween BJD collection for Haute Doll magazine. She designed all the garments, wigs, shoes--and she painted the prototype sisters (Sky and Skiya by Peakswoods). This collection is limited to 40 each and will go on sale June 25th! This is one collection and one issue you will not want to miss. Milkeye (Corinne Skinner) took all of the fabulous photos of this collection. Make sure you are a subscriber, this issue mails at the end of the week!
    2. So they will be sold in clothing sets? and not by single items? so will shoes be sold by themselves?
    3. All dolls are sold nude with face-up and eyes only. Each outfit is sold separately. Shoes, wigs and some accessories will be sold separately as well. There are lots and lots of costumes. Stay tuned. Issue mails Friday and Web site www.hautedoll.com should be updated Friday, too. Collection does not go on sale until June 25th.
    4. Last time I found the shoes too tight across the the whole foot will the shoes be made larger this time? Peakswood are slightly slimmer all round. But the shoe was a problem for me as I bought a few and none fit and I really loved them.
    5. I understand. The collection is made for the PeaksWoods dolls. That being said, most of Doll Heart's costumes, accessories also fit the SD10 and SD13 dolls by Volks as well as Delf by Luts and Custom House girls of the same size. Thanks for interest.
    6. Will there be some entire collection sets available like the last time?
    7. is there any information on the site yet? i can't seem to find it
    8. If you click on features or exclusives on the Haute Doll website you will find some info about the dolls & the collection.
    9. http://www.hautedoll.com/features.php
      In this picture there is a doll in a black dress and to the right on the dress dummy there is a black stripe skirt and cream top are they part of the New Halloween collection also?

      I really liked the corset that came with the last collection, will there be another corset offered?
    10. A few of the outfits come with corsets. In addition, there is an adorable set with striped corset, pantaloons and hoop skirt. Also a darling 3 piece set with ruffled top, full skirt, and pantaloons. All outfits are pictured in the magazine which mailed to subscribers one week ago. Items will be posted on Web site when they go on sale June 25th. We are hoping all items will be in the office to ship immediately when ordering period opens. I will try to post a few sneek peeks on Monday.
    11. We are not sure about offering that option, but we may. There are so many items that we were not sure how many people would want the entire collection. Once everything arrives in our office, we will seriously consider that option. Thanks so much for interest.
    12. Karenc when will the selling start one the 25 (Time)..
      Just because of the big time difference between USA-Sweden
      I have try 3 times to email Haute Doll but I don't get any answer:(

      Hoping for your help :fangirl::)
    13. The items will go up for sale at 9 a.m. Central Standard Time on JUne 25th. I do hope that works for everyone. Orders will be taken by phone 262-658-1004, Fax 262-658-0433 and also on the Internet, www.hautedoll.com

      Val, Doll Heart and Peaks Wood did such a wonderful job with this collection--and Milkeye did such a wonderful photographing it---we hope you are as excited as we are to offer it!
    14. How many pieces are parts limited to?
    15. I sincerely hope that you will considering showing the pictures before the items go on sale. It would be really nice to be able to consider them and have a little time to think about what I'd like to order. Things sold out so quickly last time and I just envision it being even harder this time with people grabbing whatever they can and just reselling it later, since they won't have time to think and plan. (If it's the plan that subscribers will see the photos in the magazine first, I hope I will get it soon. It hasn't arrived yet!)

      I also am kind of hoping for a "buy one of each" option, at least for the clothes. I didn't choose that option for the Marie Antoinette collection and later wished I had as I scrambled to find the pieces I wanted that had sold out right away.

      I really loved the Marie Antoinette collection and I'm really looking forward to this one, especially as it seems inspired by Colleen Atwood's work, and I'm a big fan of her as a costume designer.
    16. When abouts does the magazine go out on bookstore shelves?
    17. Here are some photos of the outfits from Val's collection, offered in Haute Doll. All of the images were photographed by Milkeye. I have put these lo res images in the post so you can see some of the costumes. The July/August issue of Haute Doll should be on newsstands soon.

    18. What head size will the wigs be for?

      Also I am guessing its possible to subscribe to the mag and then order you have a record of it? do you have to type in an id number or something?
    19. Egads! Miss Milkeye :) Your photos are just breathtaking. OMG, I love the lightpost in the photo and the moon backdrop:D. Thank you for sharing the photos of the shoot, Miss Karenc :) I spent an hour in over 100F degrees looking for the magazine at Barnes & Nobles. Did not have the mag :( Will the issue be available in stores before the online sale?
    20. Hi guys! Ok, the dolls are for sale too, right? Anyone know how much they may go for?