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vampire mini's?

Jan 24, 2006

    1. I was just thinking
      are there any vampire mini's?

      I mean made by company's and not customized, as I can not remember seeing any vampire mini's anywhere
    2. You know...I don't think so! *_* CP makes vampire heads and there are one or two Notdoll vampires, but those are the only companies I can think of off the top of my head and they're all 60cm. The closest I can think of to a mini vampire is the Leviathan doll made by Phantomdoll, because he had fangs, but he was also a cat-headed doll, so that doesn't really count...and anyway, I think Phantomdolls are counted as tinies...
    3. we need vampire mini's(I would love a mini fee vdes)
      wonder why no company has made them... maybe to small, or maybe they don't want little kids to be vampires
    4. I think that there's been some discussion of Luts making MiniFee versions of their vampires (specifically VDES), although I don't know if it was more in the way of 'wishful thinking by us' rather than 'promises made by Luts'!!

      If you ask on the Luts QA board, maybe they'll tell us!!

      -- A :D
    5. Dollzone has vampire minis, with fangs.
    6. Yeyi and Yemei are the same head sculpt, just with boy and girl bodies, respectively. I have a Yemei (or Yume or Nightfall) and I love her! I too was looking for a mini-sized vampire.
    7. all i could think of was DZ dolls as well