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Vampire Red and Pipos Siamese Ringo News @ Dolls and Friends

Jun 19, 2008

    1. Hi!

      First off, we have a few Vampire Reds left for Pre-Order at Dolls and Friends! This new resculpt is very limited so pre-order him while you still can!

      Vampire Red

      Also, we will have a new limited Siamese Ringo kitty cat available for sale at Dollectable! They will only be available for customers at the convention on July 19th and 20th but if we have any left over they will be for sale on our website. So please stop by our table in July and check out our exclusive kitty and our exclusive Dollheart outfit, Splendid Blue!
    2. Siamese Ringo? Oo!

      Can people pre-order or reserve one in advance of Dollectable to be picked up at the con? Or is it first come/first served on site?
    3. Is the Siamese Ringo a limited edition direct from Pipos or is it a basic Ringo that has been repainted? How many will be available?