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Vampire Teeth.... In or Out?

Jan 8, 2011

    1. I'm working on a vampire boy for my group and a thought occurred to me: I know several people with vampire teeth (clip-on, of course) and you can't see them when their mouths are closed. I was thinking about the structure of the human jaw, and for long upper "vampire" teeth to protrude over the bottom lip you'd have to have a serious overbite (no pun intended) as well as an indentation in your lower lip. And yet, on dolls, fangs showing over the lower lip do not seem to look odd or malformed. So I thought it would be an interesting discussion:

      Do you preffer your vampire teeth in or out? Does it effect how you look at other people's dolls? Does it even matter on a sculpt, or would it be a deal-breaker? What are some vampire scuplts that look more "natural" to you?

      Remember this is a general discussion; no bashing of individual dolls!
    2. I think very small vampire teeth are cute when they're showing (Fergus' teeth, for instance, or Ptolemaeus'.) but it's easy for sculptors and painters to "over-do it" with over-the-lip fangs, it seems like... making them too big, or too white, or too pronounced... and that can look really silly. There are a few vampire sculpts out there that remind me of little kids playing walrus, with a couple of cheese-puffs sticking out of their mouths. :nowords:
    3. The vampire teeth should be in with the mouth just slightly open, like Edward in Twilight. They don't seem to flaunt their fangs but just talk with their mouths very softly to hide the evil that lurks.
    4. I agree with Brightfires. I personally really like Ptolemaeus ( in the photos she posted). I used to only own vampires, then I got into Volks and they dont make vampires so I sold all of mine. I really love the mouth slightly parted with the teeth showing instead of the teeth protruding on the lips, but that is my opinion.
    5. I'm kind of on the other side, I don't like the look of vampire teeth, a vampire can be really well depicted with clothes and eyes etc, I just don't like the look of the teeth.
    6. My Victor has the fangs coming down over his bottom lip xD I think they're cute though ^_^
    7. Vampire molds are cute, but not for me, because the teeth just look 'glued on' to me.
      To me, it looks better when the mouth is opened and the rest of the teeth show as well.
      I've seen my sister wearing fake fangs, and this is pretty much the only way to get them
    8. I prefer vampires that don't show off their teeth, so I guess any mold with a closed mouth is a potential vampire. XD
    9. My favorite vampire sculpt is Luts Vampire Dark elf Soo. Her lips are slightly parted (as if she is about to take a bite out of someone) showing just a hint of fangs and teeth.

      I own a Soom Grit. While I think her vampire head is cute, I prefer the human head. The fangs are just too oddly placed.
    10. I like it when the vampire teeth are in the mouth rather than out. When it's out, it looks odd I feel. Almost like it's too forced.
    11. I don't have any vampires but when in comes to fangs in general I usually prefer them to be showing. Otherwise it's like...'Yes, I'm telling you the doll isn't meant to be human' when I'd prefer for it to be shown. Of course they have to be done very carefully, place in the proper spot, very tiny and subtle with that small lower lip indentation-very adorable. I know when adding fangs to a close-lipped sculpted, even with all these things in mind it can still give off the vibe of an overbite, but that's something I'm willing to live with so long as the fangs are added on well.
    12. I own vampire elf lishe and what drawn me to her is that her dainty little fangs are just showing a tiny bit. her mouth slightly opened, like a misterious smile.
      Now I am also quite enamoured with Epona from Napidoll and they have also some great boy sculpts and some who are showing quite "a lot" of teeth;on my side I am mostly into girls doll but I wouldn't mind adopting this one, called Rubber http://www.napidoll.net/shop/step1.php?number=801 but as he's head only, i won't buy him, no more floating heads for me I swear!
      My preference goes to the sculpt where the fangs are barely noticeable. On another hands I remenber seeing a b&g doll female who is kinda "screaming" with her mouth wide opened flashing fangs, and overall it is a very interesting sculpt with an angry expressions; they show her with less blood spattered on her moouth and she is quite..Interesting!
      I think that the "amount" of teeth showing would also depend of the overall expression of the face. I am a lot less attracted by the dolls where the teeth seem to be added in front of the lower lips as if the doll is "prognate". So my preference is for teeth in with mouth partially opened :)
    13. I'm really partial to the fangs on the original Soom ID sculpt that was pulled before it shipped. Gluino's are similar, though not quite the same.

      I see the 'fangs resting on outer lip' look as a sort of stylistic shorthand. It's a way to say 'this is a vampire' even if it's not very realistic or practical in its depiction. Truly, though, neither are big heads or anime scale eyes or teensy mouths, so when I see the stylized fangs on a stylized head, the lack of realism genuinely doesn't bother me unless the execution of it is somehow ugly. Stylized fangs on a stylized head works for me since I equate it with a form of symbolic representation or visual shorthand. Stylized fangs on a realistic head? Nnnngh, not so much.
    14. I wish I could have seen pics of Sooms original ID sculpt. While I love Gluino, I would love to see the other because I am not so fond of the fang execution on the vamp faceplate. Oh and to answer the question, I prefer the fangs in with just a bit showing.
    15. I like the tiny tiny fangs on some of the Fairyland molds. However, I have a Volks doll whose character is a vampire and I don't think I want to mod his lips. So I guess I'm okay with both. Just, like everyone's said, no walrus tusks please XD
    16. I'd love for doll fangs to be showing but...I cannot stand it when they stick over the top lip yet the mouth looks closed..definitly a pet peeve of mine! I like the way Angelsdoll did their Ieseul cat...


      When I have my fangs in, they definitly don't stick on my bottom lip!
    17. It's never made sense to me to have the mouth closed with full fang over the outer lip. If folks like teeth, then I think the mouth should be open. However, I also am one who prefers the vamp to come through more in the face sculpt itself, eyes and clothes than needing fang. That Soom dhampir :cough:VampireHunterDRipoff:cough: does a good job conveying that. As does Bishonen House's OOAK dolls here and here. BH also did a Lestat-inspired doll . If you really want to show fang, they're in full force here and here.
    18. I always thought that having the fangs stick out looked cartoon-y.. But if they're very subtle and just noticeable, then I think that they look a whole lot better. And less cartoon-y! But thats just me, you do what you think looks best!
    19. I have a doll who's character is a vampire but he tends not to show his teeth, so having a closed mouth doll was perfect. I also have a few dolls who are also vampires and they show theirs. One doll is a vampire head, but he's not a vampire, so I had his fangs painted like his lips. They're there, you can see them if you're close enough, but they're small, like a real person's should be if they were trying to hide them.