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Variation of Boy Bodies....

Apr 1, 2007

    1. So far, I've noticed that all the boy molds are very thin, and very lanky. Some are gifted with a better physique, but overall, they all seem rather thin. Would you ever want a BJD boy who has the phyique of say someone like Vin Deisel, or Dewayne Johnson? Don't get me wrong, I love my boys, in all their thin beauty, but has anyone ever wished they made some much more muscular (all over) or more manly body, with larger pectorals, and bigger biceps. The mecha Angel i have comes close (regarding his body), but his arms have no biceps, and his legs have no shape LOL

      My only complaint with my mecha angel is that they didn't seem to put the same work into his arm and leg muscles as they did his stomach and chest muscles.
    2. I like the thinness of the boy dolls. A little more bulk would be fine, but Vin Diesal.... that created a scary image inmy head, probably not what you had in mind. :P
    3. LMAO I don't mean a BJD of vin deisel, i mean having a BJD that has a physique like that. That CLEARLY this is a BJD of a doll that is made to look like he has "beefed up", or "Lifted weights" alot :D

      I just wonder why all the boy dolls always have to look like they have sticks for arms LOL Or twigs for legs. It works on the really thin bodies, but I just wish there were more variation on the BJD arms and legs and bodies.
    4. Oh god no *shudders* I love thin/curvy boy dolls...too much muscle is a big NO for me
      I'll leave the muscles to Action Man and the likes haha;)

    5. With the examples you're using, I would not want this doll if any company released them. I do appreciate the toned and more muscular type dolls like Jace or Yukinojo. But I assume that any more bulky muscle would make buying clothes and actually putting clothes on the doll a difficult task.

      I think BJDs are aesthetically thinner. And if the doll has musculature, then I think they should still have more of an ectomorph's bodytype as opposed to Vin Diesel's metamorphic musculature.
    6. I would love a bulkier BJD. Maybe not to the extent of the Rock or Vin Diesel, but certainly something that isn't a waif, or doesn't look like a 10 year-old boy, or a drug addict. Some of the 70cm dolls are a little bigger, but their arms and legs are generally pretty thin and shapeless. Jace, however, is TOO much for me... he looks like he could crush skulls with those thighs. XD

      I personally love beefy men, so a stick-thin man doesn't really do it for me.
    7. I dont think I would get a doll with a muscular body.It would be odd if htey had that and also a beautiful face (like nearly all of them do).Imagine Vin Diesels body with a Shiwoo face!!!*_*
    8. I think Unidoll Jace sort of fills the "beefed up" type. And he isn't even all that beefed up, just moreso than anyone else. I personally don't think he looks all that good in clothes because of it, which is precisely why he isn't on my wish list. For me, they gotta wear clothes REALLY well.

      I completely agree about Sabik. His arms and legs don't seem to go with the muscleature of his torso. However, he does wear clothes really nicely.
    9. hm... Vin Diesel is my all time favorite actor, so I may be a little biased. I'd really enjoy seeing a bulkier male doll. It would be interested to see a body sculpt that looked as if they lifted weights, etc... :)

      They'd have to pair a body like that with a mature scuplt though. Something realistic. XD Like oochiehead said... imagine Vinnie's body with a Shiwoo head on it. XD;; It would appeal to someone I'm sure, but overall? Probably wouldn't sell. :P

      A mature/ realistic sculpt and a muscular body? Let's do it. :D
    10. The thought of a Ken doll or G.I. Joe beefcake-type BJD does not excite me :barf Part of the reason I love BJDs so much is because there are boy dolls that don't have the stereotypical American male look. Like others have said though, I do love and appreciate the manliness of sculpts like Jace- any more muscular than Jace, however, and I think I'd be pretty turned-off to the sculpt.
    11. OMG, you made me choke on pepsi LOL I about died at the idea of a shiwoo head on a vin body LOL I guess I am alone then, in the boat of people who would like to see a few more masculine powerfully built guy dolls. LOL I love anime, but not all the men in Anime look like a Shiwoo, or a Yukinojo, or even a Jace. Some of them are bigger. :: sigh :: maybe one day I should just break down and try to sculpt one LMAO
    12. I love variety; the more the better. I would love a big hunk of a doll with a masculine face. As for clothes, I guess I would just have to get a little more imaginative. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger looks ok in clothes and he's a big guy. I still love my tall, skinny Bermann but I think there's always room for something different.
    13. I'm in total agreement there. LOL Although, i dont think i'd want a Schwarzenegger sized doll LOL for me, that would would be just a tad TOO big LOL
    14. I wouldn't mind seeing a boy mold that wasn't so thin. I understand about needing them to conform, and the aesthetics of a slender form and all that, however, if you have in mind a character who is not very slim (I'm not talking about major muscles) but less of a lean, lanky look, it'd be hard to find a body that fit what you had in mind.

      If we're throwing out examples, I'm thinking of like an Aragorn or Rick O'Connell type (not super bulky, but not super thin). Major muscles don't appeal to me, but, on the other hand, neither does the very slender forms either. I like a guy with some meat on his bones :)
    15. I just wonder if the balance might get thrown off? I mean... the thin boys are perilous enough when standing XD
    16. It's all you guyz fault LOL All this mentioning of Jace, and i went and Ordered him on Layaway LMAO
    17. Oh my God, I just had a mental picture of a bjd who looks as though he can bench press his own weight but can't even stand up to save his resin life! :lol:

    18. ROFL, enablers R us!
    19. LOL I Love you Gayle :D you little enabler you :D :: hugz ::
    20. hmm, well I love Jace's bod...but I think when muscle is mentioned, people immediatly think of american esthetic...like GI Joe.

      I'd like to see how asian artist would make a really beefy sculpt. I may be more appealing that people think.